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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Banks sabotaged in Cambridge

25-05-2011 14:18

Claim posted on 325 website from attack on banks on Cherry Hinton Rd, Cambridge....

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Demands from the movement of the Unemployed

25-05-2011 13:26

A statement of demands to the local state from the Unemployed People's Movement in South Africa.

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Cambridge Debating Union Besieged as Eric Pickles Visits.

25-05-2011 11:03

Shock revelation: Debating Union used for public discourse!
Yesterday evening (Tuesday 24-05-2011), several dozen protestors descended upon the Cambridge University Debating Union building in response to the society booking Eric Pickles, Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government. An ironic job title if ever there was one, as this man has presided over some of the most brutal cuts to our public services that we've witnessed for a generation.

This is the same man who in 2009 went on the record as claiming expenses for his parent's home, which is just eight miles from his own (!

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it is spreading in Greece

24-05-2011 21:27

Tommorow Syntagma square is giving a message to the world

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UG#551 - Understanding The Financial 'Crisis' (The Spectre Haunting Europe)

24-05-2011 14:21

The show this week looks at the so-called financial 'crisis' from two different perspectives. Firstly, I give an audio commentary on a presentation I created last year, Understanding the Financial 'Crisis'. Next, Michael Hudson speaks on The Spectre Haunting Europe, detailing the financial goings on in Europe, focussing on the evisceration of the Latvian economy and expanding upon his prediction of a new feudalism and a neo-liberal style fire sale of the European welfare state.

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‘why us?’ possilpark youth speak out against dispersal zone

24-05-2011 11:55

An interview conducted with youth in the Possilpark area of Glasgow, subject to a trial ‘dispersal zone’ order.

‘I’m wondering, though, if there’s four police cutting about, can we tell them to disperse?’

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Counter-demonstration against Zionists using memory of Holocaust to condemn Iran

24-05-2011 11:52

On May 1st, Zionist groups held a vigil in front of the Iranian Mission to the United Nations in New York City to use the memory of the Holocaust to condemn Iran. Anti-Zionist Orthodox Jews showed their opposition to this provocation by demonstrating on the opposite side of the avenue.

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Draft Proposal to Replace the Manifesto 'Real Democracy Now'

24-05-2011 11:25


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Sheffield Anarchist Book Fair 2011: Anarchism 101

24-05-2011 10:37

Attached is a recording of a session held at the Sheffield Anarchist Book fair on 21st May 2011 titled, Anarchism 101, and described as:

Everything you wanted to know about anarchism/libertarian communism but were afraid to ask. A panel discussion featuring members of the Anarchist Federation , Solidarity Federation and the Commune .

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This revolution is sponsored by you!

24-05-2011 10:21

Food tent, Plaza Catalunya
Hundreds of thousands of Spaniards are decending on their cities' main squares to demonstrate their indiganation in actions that many commentators are comparing to the movements to have recently graced the Arab world. A fair comparison? Something new to Europe?

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Protests set to continue outside Spanish embassy

23-05-2011 19:55

The protest and camp outside London's Spanish embasy that started almost a week ago grew in strenght during the weekend. On Friday night around 50 people set up camp, and on Saturday more people joined in to spend the night on the pavement opposite to the embassy. But it was during the day when the protest grew to several hundred, specially on Saturday when around 500 people joined in throughout the afternoon till well into the night.

Several working groups were formed and started to work on different aspects of the protest. These included logistics, communications & media, international, and art & action. The days were mostly spent in working groups meetings and plenary assemblies that discussed issues ranging from logistics and the future of the London protest, to people debating the characteristics and aims of this 'movement' both here in London and in Spain, as well as how it can be expanded beyond Spain. People from Italy and Portugal were present at the Sunday's assembly where they announced that people are starting to discuss plans for similar square occupations in their countries.

There was also time for spontaneous protest as people periodically gathered shouting "they (politicians) don't represent us!" whilst banging pots and pans. The bigger, loudest and more festive protest of the weekend was on Saturday night, with people improvising chants and slogans against politicians, representative democracy, bankers, political parties and demanding a system change.

On Sunday the plenary assembly decided to dismantle the camp until next weekend - starting on Friday 27th - but to continue the protest outside the embassy every day from 7 to 9pm, in solidarity with the camps in Madrid's Puerta del Sol [live webcam] and Barcelona's Plaça de Catalunya that announced they would continue for at least another week. During the daily protests this week there are plans for working groups meetings, workshops and further assemblies that  will decide on the shape of the protest for nesxt weekend as well as how to continue is 'movement' in London.

Here there are some photos from Sunday afternoon and evening ...

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Saving Iceland on Mark Kennedy Report

23-05-2011 17:16

Icelandic police "deal with" Mark Kennedy at Karahnjukar in July 2005
Statement from Saving Iceland regarding the recently published report by the National Commissioner’s ‘National Security Unit’. The report was requested by the Minister of the Interior and was supposed to answer the questions if the Icelandic police were aware of and collaborated in British police spy Mark Kennedy’s infiltration of the Saving Iceland network. (Translated from Icelandic.)

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A shout from Spain

23-05-2011 16:22

Life in the camp in Sol, Madrid: self-management, solidarity and direct action.

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Defend Dale Farm Planning Meeting Brighton

23-05-2011 15:42

Defend Dale Farm!
Planning Meeting
Monday 23rd May, 8pm
The Cowley Club, Brighton

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EGYPT: Imprisoned pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad in solitary confinement

23-05-2011 14:50

War Resisters' International has learned that imprisoned pacifist blogger Maikel Nabil Sanad has been moved to solitary confinement at El Marg prison.

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Message from Barcelona

23-05-2011 14:48

Dear friends of the world,We see below a short
declaration of principles of Barcelona Camp
Here a message from the International Commission to help to spread protest worldwide and coordinate internationally

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Girls speak out against Islamic law under islamic regime

23-05-2011 10:30

women under islamic oppression
Just do see the video and tell us what do you think.

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Edinburgh march in solidarity with Spanish Real-Democracy-Now! protests

23-05-2011 09:55

22nd May, 2011:
Hundreds, overwhelmingly Spanish, marched in Edinburgh Sunday evening in Solidarity with the demonstration in Madrid.

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Paul Kenny Judas of GMB

22-05-2011 14:39

Paul Kenny and GMB's Executive, Scab on their Members and the Unemployed