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Defend Dale Farm Planning Meeting Brighton

John Higgs | 23.05.2011 15:42 | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast

Defend Dale Farm!
Planning Meeting
Monday 23rd May, 8pm
The Cowley Club, Brighton

Dale Farm is the last major surviving Traveller site in Essex, following a series of brutal evictions elsewhere over the years. There are around 1000 residents altogether that are now facing eviction (yet again) since they took over a scrap yard next door to a long established legal site. The local Council is determined to drive all the Travellers out of the area. They have set aside 8 million pounds for the eviction, and asked the central government for 10 million more for policing costs.

At any point...they can issue 28 days notice, and then try to bulldoze what is effectively a small village.

John Higgs