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Girls speak out against Islamic law under islamic regime

Kawah | 23.05.2011 10:30 | Gender | Repression | Social Struggles | Birmingham | World

Just do see the video and tell us what do you think.

women under islamic oppression
women under islamic oppression

Women's respond to Islamic law
Women's respond to Islamic law

Teenage girls,, we live in Hell
Teenage girls,, we live in Hell

they've limited and compressed this society to suffocation.
Teenage girls are searched for footballer's photos or any male pictures on their bags.
they are forced to cut their nail's if is long.
they regulate everything for us.
For instance, in school , we have to wear this form of veil.
they are forcing us to accept their believe and idea.
girls are expelled from school for having eyebrows shaped.
I hope we had a country that we could feel safe!
I wished I was born as a boy !
This educational system and social conditions, have always been terrible for me.
We believe that Iran is lost, that it is destroyed and we should leave the country.
I want to escape! I wouldn't want my child to born in this situation.

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