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Is it G20 or G22?

20-02-2009 20:17

This is a real puzzle. Gordon Brown has just sent out his invite list for the G20, which, once Britain is included, runs to 22 countries. I think it is because Spain and the Netherlands have been invited this time. Even so, you have to wonder why it is still called the G20. So far the UK bumpf has promoted it as the “London Summit”, which may be a cover for the arithmetic issues. It would be easy enough to rename it the G22 — after all we there have been G22 and even G33 meetings in the past. But G22 does sound a bit like a fighter plane. And if you put G22 into google, it comes up with this rather scary looking gun. Probably best to leave things as they are. Long live the 22 members of the G20.

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Libertarian bloc on student fees demo, Feb 25th

20-02-2009 17:33

Call-out written by anarchist group at Goldsmiths Uni. All social anarchists and (left-)libertarians welcome.

Meet 12pm on the corner of Thornhaugh Street and Russell Square.

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SHAC Financial Week of Action: 23-27 Feb

20-02-2009 16:41

This global week of action will focus entirely on Huntingdon Life Sciences' financials - Shareholders, and the NYSE who are the only stock exchange in the world allowing HLS (LSR) to trade shares. The week starts with a day of action against HLS & NYSE shareholders and will end with activists marching in the city of London to protest against the financial institutions that keep HLS killing animals.

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University graduates face unemployment, low-paid jobs

20-02-2009 15:13

Recent statistics have revealed that many university graduates in Britain will be forced into low-paid, voluntary jobs or unemployment, due to the scale of the economic crisis.

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Release Delshad Zorab and grant him asylum in the UK

20-02-2009 15:12

Delshad on the *SYMAAG march for "Dignity Not Detention" October 2007, now incar
On the morning of Friday February 13th Delshad Namiq Zorab was taken from his home in Doncaster to a police station and then to Campsfield IRC. Many of you will have met Delshad: he has been an active campaigner for the right to asylum. Now, locked in Campsfield IRC, he fears that he will be forcibly deported to Iraqi Kurdistan where he has every reason to believe that his life would be in real danger. This is despite the fact that his appeal for asylum is still pending: Delshad should not - even under this Government's asylum laws - be detained or deported.

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Capitalist Crisis: Introductory Reader - PDF here

20-02-2009 13:16

'GOOD TIMES! BAD TIMES!! An Introduction to the Capitalist Crisis and what it means for us'

FEATURES: Background to the Current Crisis and Recession / Reports on Crisis: England / What Recession Means for Us / Financialisation Primer / Analysis from Silvia Federici & George Caffentzis, Mario Tronti and Alain Badiou

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Philippines: Urban poor strongly represented in new socialist party

20-02-2009 12:21

Bulacan, Philippines, February 1, 2009 – “We are the bat people, the people who live under bridges in Manila”, explained urban poor organiser Ka Lisa as she took a small group of international observers around a section of an urban poor relocation settlement in Bulacan, about 60 kilometres north of Manila.

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BBC1 ITN Camden Super Virus Lab campaign still open. Update. Virus leak threat.

20-02-2009 03:02

There are plans to build a deadly virus containment facility and animal testing lab on a Camden council house estate alongside St Pancras International behind the British Library in Kings Cross. The area needs council homes, 15,000 people are on housing waiting list. The threat of virus leak is very real, Foot and Mouth disease was leaked from government facility Pirbright in Surrey.

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Birmingham social justice centre lose court fight against eviction

19-02-2009 23:09

The social justice centre and homeless campaign in Birmingham has lost its court battle against eviction.

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A Campus Sit-in against Israeli Occupation: An Interview with Three Participants

19-02-2009 14:35

On Friday, February 6, the University of Rochester-SDS (UR-SDS) organized an occupation of Goergen Hall at the University of Rochester for peace and solidarity with the Palestinians. The action was partially inspired by the wave of occupations across the UK in support of Palestine the past few weeks. UR-SDS made a list of demands of the administration (including divestment from weapons manufacturers, educational and humanitarian aid to Gaza, and scholarships for Palestinian students). In a related event, on Thursday, February 12, 2008 Hampshire College of Amherst, MA. became the first US school to divest from corporations profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestine.

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Community hit by New Deal funding crisis

19-02-2009 12:19

A SHEFFIELD regeneration agency slammed for wasteful spending has almost run out of money two years early - leaving community projects with a sudden cash shortage and putting 120 jobs at risk. Burngreave New Deal for Communities has just £400,000 left of its £52 million Government-funded budget, supposed to last 10 years between 2001 and 2011.

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Activists & Muslims to be branded "extremists" for supporting armed struggles

19-02-2009 11:12

A leaked draft counter-terrorism strategy known as "contest 2" which was intended to be unveiled next month proposes to reclassify people with radical points of view as 'extremists'. Featured among these proposals is the thought crime of holding the opinion that armed resistance anywhere in the world is legitimate. This would include the armed resistance by Palestinians and the Zapatistas.

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Direct Action Germany: 2nd-12th Feb

18-02-2009 23:09

Stones and bottle against luxurious condo-project
02/02/09: Upperclass car from O.Rohr (housekeeper of L14 and R94) torched
02/02/09: Armament company attacked with stones and color
09/02/09: Van torched
09/02/09: Stones and bottle against luxurious condo-project
12/02/09: Neonazi shop attacked

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First Females Islamic Judges Inaugurated in Palestine

18-02-2009 22:16

For the first time in the history of Palestine, two women were appointed as judges to the Islamic Sharia court in the West Bank cities of Hebron and Ramallah. President Mahmoud Abbas accepted the appointment of the two female judges among 11 judges appointed to the Sharia Courts in the West Bank, after each woman successfully passed two competitive judicial exams held in Ramallah.

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Camden Lab : Govt says that cats, dogs and primates "will not be tested on".

18-02-2009 22:11

The governemnt have issued a statement syaing that the lab will not be used for testing on cats, dogs or primates. The petition is still open, however it may have to be reworded in light of the new announcement. The lab was opposed by MI5 on safety grounds and there is still the campaign to fight for homes and communtiy facilties on the land.

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Drones parked in our own backyard, to Bomb our own People

18-02-2009 22:05

In a shocking discovery reports have emerged from simply Google Earth images evidence of three drones parked on an airfield in some remote destination within Baluchistan, the images were captured by orbiting satellites and archived within Google Earth data warehouse to suddenly be discovered recently. Though there is no denying that during the Musharraf regime bases were rented out to the American army costing them a massive deficit to the tune of $10 Billion. But what probably irks the nation is that the Pakistani government have categorically denied that the Pakistani bases are being used to launch drones-

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Urgent call for eviction solidarity tomorrow in Bath

18-02-2009 21:56

New squat in Bath threatened with eviction tomorrow (Thursday 19th) evening by transport police

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Camden "Super Virus Lab" - Goverenment Response To Petition / Burglary & mail

18-02-2009 19:54

There are plans to build a deadly virus lab in Camden on a Council house estate. The lab could be level 3 facility which means it could contain deadly viruses such as anthrax and bird flu. Foot and Mouth disease was leaked from similar govt faciltiy Pirbright in Surrey. The lab has been criticised by MI5, MPs, councillors, residents and businesses. The govt has responded to this online. Our mailbox card was stolen [and returned] ...see below.

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18-02-2009 19:48








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CoML: Animal Rights and odd bedfellows

18-02-2009 19:29

I hope to write a few articles discussing different aspects of the Convention on Modern Liberty, beginning with the bedfellows we seem to have chosen - some of which rather dislike one another. My recent copy of SchNEWS (no. 666, issued on Friday 13th February!) discusses the Convention in none-too-flattering terms. Henry Porter, co-organiser, remarked that none of the participants wish to get rid of the State, but SchNEWS points out that actually many of the people bearing the brunt of the anti-liberties legislation are anti-statist - from animal liberationists to anti-militarists to no-borders activists.