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Birmingham social justice centre lose court fight against eviction

Rebecca - JUSTICE NOT CRISIS | 19.02.2009 23:09 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Birmingham

The social justice centre and homeless campaign in Birmingham has lost its court battle against eviction.

The JUSTICE NOT CRISIS homeless campaign and social centre is now waiting to be evicted following todays court hearing.

JNC weren't given the date and time of the hearing in the court papers served on the campaign group. We attended court to find out when the hearing was due to take place only to find that it was in 45 minutes time. Needless to say we didn't have all our defence papers with us and we couldn't let other members of the campaign know what was happening.

Despite the fact that the papers were incorrectly served the judge went ahead with the hearing and found in favour of the owner granting immediate possestion.

He also awarded costs against 3 campaigners to the tune of almost £4,000.

JNC are preparing an appeal and we'll update this site when we have more info.

We MAY defend against the eviction which is due to take place at 9.00am on Tuesday 24th Feb. If you are willing to help defend the eviction or want more info please email us at

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