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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Call for solidarity from Radio TOTOPO, Oaxaca.

14-09-2008 16:58

Radio TOTOPO denounce continued state aggression and call for international solidarity to protect the right to free expression.

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11th October Mass/Decentralised Action

14-09-2008 16:51

Freedom not Fear 2008
Freedom Not Fear 2008

Call to mass action Saturday 11th October against the surveillance state in solidarity with activists around the world

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Rallies in Support of Al Qaeda in New York Deplored

14-09-2008 16:37

Dr. Shazia Khalid, who was raped by Pakistan army Captain Mohammad Hammad.
Pakistanis in New York have been staging rallies in support of Aafia Siddiqi, an alleged member of the Al Qaeda. On Saturday, they staged a demonstration against U.S. raids on the Federally Administered Tribal Areas.

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Marriage thwarted as refugee is arrested. Friends fear for her life.

14-09-2008 14:54

Annociate Nimpagaritse was arrested on Friday and removed to Dungavel Detention Centre in South Lanarkshire. Her friends fear that she will soon be deported to Burundi for a second time, where her life will be in great danger. She had just been given permission by the Home Office to marry her fiancee, who is also from Burundi but is working in Coventry and has permission to stay here.

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ECLN Call Out

14-09-2008 11:01

What will you be doing on the day?

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When the facts speak for themselves

14-09-2008 10:35

Escaping from the State
Do we still need to repeat it? Do we still have to add words to facts
which speak for themselves? The Belgian democracy had to cope with
dozens of uprisings and escapes in its prison and camps. In this way,
prisoners broke the silence and the isolation they're assigned to.

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13.09.08 'Free the Cuban five' demo images

13-09-2008 23:44

UK, London. 'Free the Cuban five' demo, Trafalgar Square. 2008
Images from the demonstration organised by the National Committee to free the 'Cuban Five', on the north pavement of Trafalgar square, London, on 13.09.08.
The 'Cuban Five' are five Cuban nationals, imprisoned in 2001 on much-disputed allegations of spying against the USA. Many Cubans and their supporters believe they were actually gathering intelligence about possible terrorist acts against Cuba.

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Cl@ss War bookstall at Richmond Sunday 28th september

13-09-2008 22:17

Selling labour movement, anarchist, autonomist, Marxist books and associated magazines/postcards

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Son of Shell to Sea hunger striker assaulted and arrested at Glengad beach

13-09-2008 14:53

Today at midday around 50 local and national Shell to Sea campaigners attempted to reclaim Glengad beach, Special Area of Conservation, from Shell. Despite Shell's commitment to allow public access to the beach, for the past two months the beach has been closed to the public while preparatory pipeline work is ongoing.

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Bolivia: state-of-emergency declared, US blamed (+ background to land politics)

13-09-2008 09:11

Bolivian political clashes spark both a diplomatic crisis with the US and a wider regional crisis with the US. (Includes a background to the politics of land and ethnic divide within Bolivia)
Sure enough as the crisis escalates in Latin America, the USA are stepping up their attack on the main thron in their side in the region - Chavez - with the hugely suscipious allegations of Chavez's financial link to drug traffickers.
just sent out on tlio's LegacyofColonialism email list

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Tsvangirai wanted former RF chief to head the army - report

13-09-2008 03:10

Tsvangirai is out to subvert the government by installing men he can use against Mugabe.

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Baroness Prosser and the Cradley Heath Women Chainmakers

12-09-2008 21:24

What a Prosser!

On Saturday 13th September, the Black Country Museum will host the annual Women Chainmaker's Festival. Anthony Wedgewood Benn, formerly 2nd Viscount Stansgate (Tony Benn to you and me), is a regular fixture at the event, although this time Baroness Margaret Prosser is coming to speak. Below is the text of a leaflet that will be circulated by the West Midlands Branch of the Industrial Workers of the World questioning the role of bosses in our union movement and celebrating the actions of our fellow workers nearly a century ago.

The Baroness and the Chainmakers

The Women Chainmaker's Festival is a celebration of the inspirational struggle of the Cradley Heath Women Chainmakers who nearly a century ago agitated and went on strike to gain better pay and working conditions.

The keynote speaker for this year’s festival is Baroness Margaret Prosser, the former deputy general secretary of the T&G Union, Labour Party treasurer, and low pay commissioner.

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Direct Action; UK, USA, Italy & Mexico

12-09-2008 16:23

11th & 12th September


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emergency demo outside US embassy on wednesday

12-09-2008 16:09

Defend the Bolivian and Venezuelan revolutions! No to coup plotting, no to US interference!

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Around the Campaigns Friday 12th September 2008

12-09-2008 15:18

Qin and little Jian Qi Lin
Safely Back in Glasgow, where they belong

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Black September in Chile: Actions for murdered anarchist Claudia López

12-09-2008 14:42

Banner drop
Ten years ago on a S11, Claudia López an anarchist woman, student and dancer was assassinated by police while she was on a barricade protesting in a conmemoration of the coup d’etat of 1973. Under the slogan of black september, the combatant youth fight, in her name and all the assassinated in democracy, the bastards that killed her, making the world remember that we are living at war.

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Colombia accompaniment training

12-09-2008 14:41

Espacio Bristol-Colombia is organising its second two-day introductory training weekend for people interested in travelling to Colombia as a volunteer to help with its solidarity and 'accompaniment' work there.

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Call for mass-blockades against the racists conference in Cologne

12-09-2008 14:28

From the 19th to the 21st of September, racists and neofascists from all over europe are planning to hold a so called „Anti-Islamization-Congress“. Invited by the self constituted citizens' initiative „pro Köln“ up to 1000 right-wing extremists of different shade (from the classic Neonazi to rightist-conservatives) want to spread their propagandha against people with other origin ore religion under the smokescreen of a pretended critique on Islam.

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Public Meeting: Privacy and Security in the Database State

12-09-2008 11:08

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester NO2ID and British Computer Society Manchester present:

ID Cards? Data Losses? NHS Records? E-Passports? Congestion Cameras?

What does it all mean, and how does it affect you? What are the costs? The benefits? The risks? Find out more at:

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Start of IWW day of protest at the Showroom in Sheffield

12-09-2008 10:21

IWW protest at the Showroom
There is a picket and protest all day today outside the Showroom Cinema in Sheffield to protest against their sacking of Chris Lockwood, union organiser and member of the Industrial Workers of the World. If you can turn up it is expected that the most busy time will be between 5pm and 8pm.