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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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On the Ground Ireland: Three days in Rossport, County Mayo

19-02-2007 21:41

The Rossport Solidarity Camp is slowly getting back to normal after the protest and spontaneous action that followed on Friday morning, 16 February, in this year of our Lord 2006.

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Recycling and waste reduction being used as an excuse to cut services

19-02-2007 17:45

Recycling and waste reduction is being used by many councils as the excuse to cut services. Weekly waste collection services are being cut to fortnightly with no pro-rata cuts in local taxes.

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Support abortion rights march in London, Saturday 3 March

19-02-2007 14:43

Please give your support to and help us build the abortion rights protest taking place on 3 March.

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This Week at The Vortex

19-02-2007 12:29

Calendar of events this week at the ex-Vortex Social Centre
139-141 Stoke Newington Church Street
London N16

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19-02-2007 11:01

video and discussion

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18-02-2007 22:21

some thought after the london infonite of andreas the "activist" from Oaxaca.
A punch in the face to the APPO and to all the one are fighting for social change

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SPEAK To Field Candidates at General Election

18-02-2007 20:07

SPEAK, the controversial animal rights campaign group that has been actively resisting the building of Oxford University’s new animal research laboratory, has announced that it will be fielding candidates at the next general election in constituencies whose current MP is “outspokenly anti-animal.”

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SHORT NOTICE: Activist from Oaxaca speaks in Oxford, 20/02/07

18-02-2007 18:59

Andreas Aullet, an activist from Mexico's Oaxaca uprising, will be speaking at Ruskin College in Oxford on Tuesday 20 February.

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Photos - Italians protest U.S. base in Vicenza

18-02-2007 18:58

Protestors demonstrate against the expansion of a U.S. military base in Vicenza, northern Italy, February 17,2007.

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Italians march against U.S. base

18-02-2007 11:28

This is from Reuters I'm afraid but it's still interesting. There seems to be some loose co-ordination happening of Italian groups in opposition to TAV near Turin (see earlier coverage here), this base and other local struggles...its quite an interesting time over here

February 17, 2007
VICENZA, Italy (Reuters) -- Tens of thousands of Italians under heavy police guard protested on Saturday against the expansion of a U.S. military base that has divided the center-left government.

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the WRONG oaxaca "activist" in london

18-02-2007 01:48

A punch in the face to the APPO and to all the one are fighting for social change.

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Australia: "Street Politiks"

17-02-2007 23:41

Things aren't always what they seem....

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council sensitivity over Liverpool housing policy

17-02-2007 21:59

An article I wrote for Big Issue in the North recently on Liverpool's "slash and burn" approach to regeneration triggered a furious response from the council. The piece, published last week, told the stories of residents in Anfield and Granby who are against plans for mass demolition and the way they are being carried out. I include the response published from Cllr Marilyn Fielding, executive member for housing, several weeks later. For more information see my websites.

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phoenix from the ashes

17-02-2007 21:24

The story of a community's fight to prevent the needless clearance of two terraced streets in Goole, East Riding. It goes without saying that the land in question is prime riverside real estate.
This piece first appeared in the Feb 12-18 edition of Big Issue in the North. For more information visit my website.

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Anticapitalist video: Memory, Dignity And Struggle

17-02-2007 15:25

The Spanish “Transition to democracy” was simply a way to fortify the capitalist economic model. With such Transition, the Spanish dominant class eliminated all sort of social resistance and opened the way for business; they made a Francoism without Franco and presented the Transition as a triumph of the people. It was a history written by the owners of money and their fascist sentries.
But Memory, Dignity and Struggle continue

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Bolivia Nationalised Tin Smelter

17-02-2007 14:13

On Feb 9th 2007 the Bolivian government nationalised a tin smelter plant owned by the Swiss multinational company Glencore AG

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Murder and Other High Crimes in the Lacandón Jungle (Chiapas)

17-02-2007 10:51

Those pulling the strings and doling out the money to the Opddic have economic interests in the jungle’s natural resources; such as, precious woods (mainly mahogany and cedar), water (for generating electricity and bottling), oil and other minerals, ecotourism business opportunities and biodiversity.

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Shell to Sea Solidarity Action in Scotland

16-02-2007 22:41

Activists in Edinburgh shut down eight shell petrol stations around the city centre as a soldarity action for the Shell to Sea campaign in Rossport.

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[Brazil] Prestes Maia: largest urban area squat in South America faces imminent

16-02-2007 22:22

Prestes Maia is the name gave to the building squatted by 486 families in downtown Sao Paulo, Brazil. For three years the families have been fighting against the eviction but since the beginning of the month a judge set up the deadline for the eviction for March 4th. Since them many social movements and groups have been supporting the Prestes Maia's families organizing solidarity actions in Sao Paulo and all around the globe. The last updated arrived from the families is that the military police will execute the eviction on February 25th, last Sunday of Brazil's carnival holidays.

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ASI: Urgent support needed for freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry!

16-02-2007 22:09

Struggle in Guinea
The African Socialist International (ASI) calls on urgent support for the freedom struggle in Guinea-Conakry; raises the slogan, “Touch One! Touch All!”