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the WRONG oaxaca "activist" in london

No comment Mutha Fukka | 18.02.2007 01:48 | Oaxaca Uprising | Analysis | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London

A punch in the face to the APPO and to all the one are fighting for social change.

Hi, I went to the 'talk' at the uni in London that was part of the '
situation in Oaxaca ' tour with speaker Andreas Allet. He talked for some
45mins giving an account of his interpretation of the recent events in
Oaxaca. Maybe nerves or the interpretation, I'm not sure, but his review
was dotted with inaccuracies. Check out with the people of Oaxaca what
happened on the 25th November and compare it with your 27th, When you
review the video tape of yourself it will confirm this small but important
inaccuracy and others. Nit picking maybe but I'm not a 'lawyer'. What
troubled me, in my opinion, was at best a misinterpretation of the stance
of the APPO. After checking a recent translation of a meeting of the APPO
dated 13th February 2007 :

'…..After an all night debate, the APPO came to the consensus that the
APPO itself will not run candidates nor become a political party. Any
individual who choose to offer candidates from whatever party may do so,
however if such a person is a member of the APPO council, s/he will have
to resign their position'

The people don't need leaders. What part of the words 'self governance'
don't you understand Trotskyists? In previous discussions the APPO have
talked about standing for governor as a tactical move to get rid of the
corrupt Ulises Ruiz not in terms of creating a leadership for the APPO.
The APPO don't want to become a political party.

Where does the dig at the Stalinists come from when you are pushing the
Trotsky line? We all know that you are just replacing one corrupt ideology
with another. The APPO aren't interested in becoming the future leaders of
Mexico and pushing their ideals on other states, they just want to take
responsibility of Oaxaca. Stalinists and Trotskyists? What's happening in
the APPO has nothing to do with those two dodgy characters.

Andreas, the lawyer, also talked about the 'working class' taking power
from the 'bourgeois'. Can he define the working class and bourgeois? Is he
talking about peasants and lawyers? Does he support and uphold the law, or
does he see that the law is corrupt, government sponsored, protecting the
powerful and ruthlessly punishing the powerless - let me hear you slag off
the legal system Andreas or is that not allowed in your 'profession'? The
people don't need leaders, trotskyists, Stalinists, nationalists,
capitalists or socialists. Stop picking at the flesh of the less
privileged, we're sick of parasites. You're on the wrong train, in the
wrong seat travelling to ego central. What are you really doing here?
Career building?
I rest my case. Court adjourned

No comment Mutha Fukka