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SHORT NOTICE: Activist from Oaxaca speaks in Oxford, 20/02/07

No Sweat! | 18.02.2007 18:59 | Oaxaca Uprising | Social Struggles | Workers' Movements | Zapatista | Oxford

Andreas Aullet, an activist from Mexico's Oaxaca uprising, will be speaking at Ruskin College in Oxford on Tuesday 20 February.

Last week, Mexican activist Andreas Aullet toured the country with No Sweat, with meetings in Brighton, Norwich, Cambridge, Nottingham, York, Manchester, Sheffield and London to dicuss the massive workers' and popular struggle which recently took place in Oaxaca. We are pleased to announce that Andreas is staying in the UK a few more days and will be speaking at Ruskin College in Oxford (apologies for the short notice). Come hear how we can make solidarity with the workers, social movements and political prisoners of Oaxaca.

7.30pm, Tuesday 20 February
Ruskin College,
Walton Street, Oxford OX1 2HE

Chair: Debbie Hollingsworth, Ruskin Students' Union

For more information, ring Mike on 07711 808 435.

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