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from london | 18.02.2007 22:21 | Oaxaca Uprising | Repression | Social Struggles | Oxford | World

some thought after the london infonite of andreas the "activist" from Oaxaca.
A punch in the face to the APPO and to all the one are fighting for social change

in oaxaca is going on a process that is very complicated and open to be
misunderstood, especially on this side of the world.
What i heard today is a position very far from what i read and i have been
told by people -from below- from oaxaca. it was more a platform where
somebody tried to push his (or his group) political agenda.
It is very clear that the APPO is a mix of really different realities who
come to organize together, in this mixture as usual there are groups who
try to manipulate and forge a different reality for their own political
Not much has been translated of the official documents of the APPO, please
if you can't read spanish try to find somebody who can and ask him?her to
translate for you (and maybe post them also in indymedia).
At the end of the meeting a question arose about the position of the
zapatista in the situation in Oaxaca, question that was answered in three
seconds. he said something like that they didn't lift a finger. Maybe he
doesn't like the zapatista and i respect that but his answer is far from
the truth as many other things he said that i'm not going to list here.
here are some links, for you as well andres....

if you read this mail please doubt of everything andres said but also
doubt of everything I said, go and find out things for yourself.

the APPO web site;

news in english (lots of documents since may 2006)

P.S. the thing he make me jump on the chair; how can someody who "lived"
the repression which took place in oaxaca the 25th of november can forget
the right date, with all the torture, killing, violation that people
suffer that day?


from london