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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Partial victory for Maternity campaigners??

29-04-2004 08:39

Protests win extension of consultation period for Malmesbury and Devizes Maternity Units.
(extension may be 2, 4 or 6 weeks - to be decided)

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Squatting actions in hamburg, germany

28-04-2004 11:04

In the last weeks there were diverse projects of squatting activities in hamburg, most related to the ongoing repression against trailerparks.

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Gala Dinner Protest at Iraqi Procurements 2004

28-04-2004 01:42

A Spirited and Defiant Protest was held outside the Iraqi Procurement 2004 Galla Dinner on Tuesday evening. There were three people arrested as the crowd raised their voices against the corporate carve up of iraq.

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Social facilities in Oxford

27-04-2004 22:37

The writer believes that all is not lost if OCSET, the new Oxford social centre, 220 Cowley Road, Oxford, is closed.

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Where's Feminism? Everywhere and Nowhere (Indypendent)

27-04-2004 22:08

This world really needs a new feminism, and the editors and contributors are right on to ground feminism in social movements dealing with real life and not just the simulacra of representational politics. But saying that all issues are women’s issues because women are involved or are leaders misses the point.

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oxford indymedia screening - PALESTINE - 9th May

27-04-2004 15:00

Woman describes the killing of her husband by the IDF
oxford indymedia screening - East Oxford Community Centre - Sunday 9th May - 7.30pm
The main feature is "IN THE SPIDER'S WEB" by Hannah Musleh (produced by Al-Haq from Ramallah, West Bank). This extraordinary, heart-rending film shows the reality of living under the shadow of Israel's apartheid wall.

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Anti police protests in Basildon

27-04-2004 09:44

Residents of an estate in Basildon mounted an eight-hour protest against zero-tolerance policing policies. They object in particular to one local officer, who has advocated taking out Anti-Social Behaviour Orders banning entire families from areas of the town.

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May Day Indymedia Screening - 2nd May

27-04-2004 08:32


oxford indymedia screening for May Day - SUNDAY 2ND MAY - 7.30pm - OCSET, 220 Cowley Road

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Leeds Social Centre…coming soon????

27-04-2004 07:51

Do you think Leeds needs a radical space for information, to hang out and to hold meetings and events?

If so come to the next Leeds ARC (Action for Radical Change) meeting on Thursday May 6th 7.30pm at Holy Trinity Church Café on Boar Lane.

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Labour Councillor joins RESPECT Coalition - But Wait...

26-04-2004 21:53

George Galloway's new political coalition with the SWP has just scored a notable success. It has recruited Elaine Abbot, a New Labour councillor in Preston. RESPECT's only other councillor also represents a ward in Preston.

But wait! What's this? It appears that Abbot isn't such a catch after all. Her main previous claim to fame is that she was the mastermind behind the privatisation of all of Preston's council homes. So now an arch-privatiser joins the anti-abortionists in the SWP coalition. Who needs principles?

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Searching for a poodle?

26-04-2004 13:13

If you are, please visit, type in poodle, check the pages from the UK box, and hit I'm feeling lucky! You'll find a good brown nosed variety there!

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NUT misspends members' money

26-04-2004 12:23

Since 1996 I have supported hundreds of (now probably more than a thousand) NUT members who all say that their union has refused to provide them with support and access to legal services - and, worryingly, that their paid union official has appeared to act in the interests of their employer and to the detriment of their member.

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Nonviolent women's march in Biddu brutally dispersed

26-04-2004 11:11

Sent to me from Gush Shalom.

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China Labour Bulletin No. 3

26-04-2004 10:11

Issue No. 3 (24 April 2004)


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Bristolian Mayday Gathering

26-04-2004 09:34

Bristol Mayday activities!

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Reclaiming May Day in London

25-04-2004 19:17

Reclaiming May Day in London -- anarchists on the Trade Union march

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Occupation of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse on saturday morning

24-04-2004 19:04

The Hafenstrasse in Hamburg this morning
The history of Hamburgs Hafenstrasse in the north of Germany is closely connected to the german Squatting scene and the 80's.
The conflict has not only been a conflict between real estate brokers, Hamburg state government and local squatters. The Hafenstrasse became an example of symbolic policy and the conflict between society and state.

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pictures from Fallujah!!

23-04-2004 15:26

Here are some pictures that were sent to us from Fallujah.....

These images do not reflect the views of the The Iraq Solidarity Campaign.

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last chance to protest against closure of maternity hospitals

23-04-2004 07:50

Lobby of Board Meeting, Tuesday 27th April, 9.30 am, Southgate House, Pan's Lane, Devizes