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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Homeless film night at The Common Place

16-12-2005 14:40

During December and at the peak of the shopping season, The Common Place will be hosting a number of events for the city’s homeless. We invite you to an evening of films and discussion around homelessness in Britain.

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Opposition leader jailed in Venezuela

16-12-2005 13:25

Carlos Ortega, one of the top opposition leaders in Venezuela, has been sentenced to 15 years in jail for inciting civil unrest during a strike. Following a military coup d'etat in 2002, the two-month strike battered the country's oil industry in a effort ot oust the elected president Hugo Chavez.

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Solidarity Cafe Night - 34 Broadway Market TONIGHT

16-12-2005 10:38

Solidarity Cafe Night in support of the occupation of Tony's Cafe in Hackney.

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Global Food Trade & the New Slave Labour

16-12-2005 10:19

See for How globalisation links UK’s Tesco supermarket chain to colonial-style farming in South Africa that exploits farm-workers especially women and perpetrates poverty.

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Victory against New Labour: Edinburgh says NO to privatisation of Council Housing Stock Transfer

16-12-2005 00:40

logo of Britain-wide Defend Council Housing Campaign

Grassroots tenants groups have celebrated today the "no" vote against transfering Council Houses in Edinburgh to a newly founded Housing Association.
The City of Edinburgh Council publicised the outcome of the ballot.
53% of eligable tenants voted "No" in the ballot which had a turnout of about 60%.
The grassroot groups took on a battle against an estimated £21 million PR campaign funded by the Scottish executive - and won!
The ballot was brought forward from Spring 2006 to November 2005 to avoid unpleasant findings by Audit Scotland, which researches the effects of council housing stock transfer at the moment, and then furthermore brought the vote forward another six days to make a possible legal challenge by the Scottish Tenants Organisation impossible.
[Tenants Auction Housing Leader's House! | Edinburgh tenants 'Doormat' City Chambers | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: feature | Edinburgh NO to Housing Sell Off: article | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: feature | Demolition Threat in Glasgow: article]

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news from the streets of Hong Kong

15-12-2005 23:02

news from the streets of Hong Kong during protests against the WTO

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Fisherfolks Murdered By Drowning, Suspect 6th WTO

15-12-2005 15:38

HONGKONG-- A proposal of rich countries to open the markets of less developed nations to their non-agricultural products like fish, the Philippines' 1.8 million small fishermen-and Southeast Asia's 12 million-could drown in a sea of imports from the likes of China and Japan.

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pics from the WTO Hong Kong

15-12-2005 10:57

korean farmers try to swim to the wto meeting
pics from the protests

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Insurgent Zombies Occupy Paris Supermarket in WTO Protest

15-12-2005 10:16

In scene's remenisant of Dawn Of The Dead, Insurgent Zombies against WTO occupied the French chainstore Carrefour last Sunday, in solidarity with the struggle against the corporation's law and for social justice !

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Military plan will rob the community of its social fabric

15-12-2005 09:12

Military hardware to kill people?
But why would any person make a decision to take away from the social fabric, workers, and desperate, disadvantaged, disabled and mentally ill people and plough that money into military hardware to kill people? Where is the logic in that? Especially for an illegal and degrading war like Iraq.

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Cheney's January 2005 trip to Poland to visit secret CIA torture center

15-12-2005 01:39

Informed sources in Washington report that when Dick Cheney flew to Poland for the 60th anniversary ceremonies marking the liberation of the Auschwitz-Birkenau concentration camp last January, his three day visit also included a clandestine visit to a secret CIA camp in Poland where suspected "Al Qaeda" prisoners were being subjected to torture.

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DEFEND BRICK LANE AREA COMMUNITY by kicking out present clique of councillors

14-12-2005 21:01

The Crossrail hole Bill must be defeated and the local community defended. the most important ay to do so is by throwing out the unrepresentative councillors who form the clique on Tower Hamlets Council now. That clique has colluded to bring about the Crossrail hole attack upon the community in the Brick Lane London E1 Area

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Solidarity Cafe Night - Friday 16th Dec

14-12-2005 20:17

Solidarity Cafe Night - Friday 16th Dec
*Support the occupation of Tony's Cafe
*Against the gentrification of Hackney

6pm onwards

Hot food & drink, all welcome

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WTO Protests – You Cannot Speak If You Wear Too Little

14-12-2005 19:03

I am a Hong Kong girl who went to protests today in the Victoria Park. My idea today, was to launch an action. It was a peaceful one. Yet, I was besieged by more than ten policemen.

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After December 15, Iraq will be at mercy of US corporations

14-12-2005 18:21

If George W. Bush's policies on Iraq are mystifying, fret not -- there's a method to his organized chaos after all.

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Turk dissident Orhan Pamuk- trial due...

14-12-2005 16:03

As I recall the Turkish writer and dissident is due in court on December 16th over his comments about the 'massacre' of Armenians and Kurds during the 1st world war.
Here's the article in the ObserverOctober 23nd.

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latest from a neighbourhood without law

14-12-2005 15:17

Soldiers have big weapons. Human Righst Observers fight them with their cameras. Then the soldiers erase the tapes

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Alternative Carol Singing in support of Palestinians

14-12-2005 14:37

please come to sing
with Sea Green Singers and others
in support of Palestinians
at 5.15pm (for5.30-6.30pm)
in Cornmarket St.
(outside St. Michael in the Northgate Church),
Words provided - see you there!

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Palestine Solidarity Action in Diss

14-12-2005 13:11

Sharon gets it
On Saturday 10th December a small group of activists in Diss protested against the sale of Israeli goods in the towns new Tesco store.

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Defend democratic and human rights in Russia

14-12-2005 11:24

Prof Bill Bowring - founder and academic coordinator of the European Human Rights Advocacy Centre (EHRAC) at the London Metropolitan University - was detained and deported without warning or any explanation from Russia on November 15th 2005.