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Homeless film night at The Common Place

A Commoner | 16.12.2005 14:40 | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | Sheffield

During December and at the peak of the shopping season, The Common Place will be hosting a number of events for the city’s homeless. We invite you to an evening of films and discussion around homelessness in Britain.

Sunday 18 December, 5 pm – 9 pm
Free, all welcome @The Common Place, 23-25 Wharf
Street, Leeds (close to the market)

5 pm Shorts
‘On the Other Side of the Street’ (26mins, by Iñigo
Garrido and James Brown, a Noname Production)

Robert Bratton, a homeless person from Glasgow, takes a
journey to challenge public misconceptions about the nature of both homelessness and people who are homeless. While interviewing politicians, actual homeless were directly responsible for the film content and direction.

'Beggar's Belief' (1 min, Dir: Peter Devonald)
An affluent good looking man, dressed in immaculate suit and tie, begs on the street: a man, dressed in rags, admonishes him. But, who's life is richer?

‘Home and Dry?’ (8 min , 1987) Four women discuss their housing situations and although they've never slept out on the street, they begin to understand that homelessness is indeed something they've all experienced. The video analyses the inadequacies of housing policies and examines the political thinking that lies behind them.

The Director will be introducing his short film
A Man Without A Voice (5mins, Dir: A Whithington)
A WITHINGTON film-maker is making an impact after his
short was nominated for best film at this year's Salford Film Festival. The film was shot around the Ladybarn estate .The short details an incident between a white homeless man and an Asian member of public. Suddi wanted to reflect upon the issue of homelessness in south Manchester, as well as to illustrate how quickly community members, and the viewer of the film itself, can jump to conclusions based upon racial and
material prejudices.

Break The Common Place vegan café will be open.

6.30 pm Talk and discussion with Homeless charity workers, find out what charities are doing and how you can get involved.

7.30 pm Cathy come Home (80 min , Dir Ken Loach, 1966)
Cathy and Reg fall on hard times when Reg is injured at work. They begin a slide into poverty, debt and homelessness, until the authorities forcibly take Cathy's children away. The controversy generated by Cathy Come Home led to public outrage at the state of housing in Britain, and gave a welcome boost to the (coincidental) launch of the homelessness charity
Shelter a few days after the play was first broadcast, as part of the BBC's The Wednesday Play strand

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