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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Story of the Al Housain Palestinian camp in Amman, Jordan.

09-12-2005 12:03

This is a 1,500 word article about a Palestinian camp in Jordan with 20 labelled photos and a piece by a Palestinian activist.

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Christmas in Guantanamo

09-12-2005 04:33

After four long years
After four long years, David Hicks - and scores of others - have been confined in steel cages in Guantanamo Bay, without trial or charge. Here in Australia, draconian anti-terror laws abolish some of our most cherished freedoms, and give ASIO and the Australian Federal Police carte blanche to treat the Islamic community like criminals.

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Oxfordshire Social Enterprise Forum: Supporting Social Enterprise in Oxford

08-12-2005 23:34

OSEF is back. The Oxfordshire Social Enterprise Forum’s Executive Committee is holding a celebratory re-launch event from 4.15 to 6.30pm on Wednesday December 14th at the Said Business School, Oxford University, Park End Street, Oxford.

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08-12-2005 18:16

Unison Cambridge Health campaign against NHS cuts
1pm Market Square, Cambridge

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08-12-2005 16:35

The forthcoming local council elections to be held in parts of the UK including in London have been 'decided' in effect by the parties that have apparently selected the best candidates for representing their local areas. This is utterly untrue. Local people must have proper and full and transparent say in who gets to be selected to represent the locality. Parties must not have that control any longer.

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911 – a route to war or an excuse for war?

08-12-2005 15:38

The war with Iraq and everything that led to war with Iraq was a lie. Is it not time to reopen 911 to see if it too was a lie? Was 911 the 'new Pearl Harbor' that the neocons so desired?

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Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers

08-12-2005 15:36

Spies, Lies & Whistleblowers: MI5, MI6 and the Shayler Affair by former MI5 officer Annie Machon (Book Guild, 2005) provides a detailed account of the abuses within the intelligence services, and how resources are being devoted not to prevention of terrorism but to suppress political dissent.

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Italy: Cops and anti-TAV protesters clash

08-12-2005 13:53

Protests against the building of a high-speed rail tunnel through the Alps linking Italy and France have escalated dramatically, following a violent pre-dawn raid by riot cops on a protester camp at Venaus.

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08-12-2005 13:24

Thursday 8th December 2005
Birmingham Central Mosque
Belgrave Middleway, B5
Speakers Include
Clare Short (MP)
Abu Baker Deghayes (Brother of Guantanamo Detainee)
Moazzam Begg (Ex-Guantanamo Detainee)

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Leeds stops evictions of Iraqi Kurds - more cities must follow

08-12-2005 12:43

Over 400 Iraqi Kurds have been made destitute over the last three month in Britain because they refused to accept "volontary return" into the war zone of Iraq. Hunger, Homelessness and possibile employment in the informal labour market at wages around 1 Pound are the results of a Home Office Policy that increasingly evokes resistance in local communities all over Britain.

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International Human Rights Day Action

08-12-2005 02:15

Offer of Hope
Justice Action and the Australian Prisoners Union (APU) call for one minute's silence in support of the Offer of Hope at midday on International Human Rights Day, Saturday 10 December 05

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Once Again, Hands Off Cuba!

08-12-2005 00:37

The UN General Assembly overwhelmingly opposes Washington’s Cold War sanctions against Cuba, but the Bush administration is indifferent. Indeed, the White Hose is organizing to bring about regime change in Havana.

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Broadway Market Occupation Latest Update

07-12-2005 15:03

An update from the occupiers of 34 Broadway Market, Hackney

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Venezuela; bolivarian revolution, coal companies and indigenous resistance

07-12-2005 13:34

What is so revolutionary about Venezuelan Coal?
Six years after Chavez was voted into power indigenous people are still fighting for their lives and for the environment.
Learn more and find out how you can help;
Manchester, Sunday 18th 3pm, The basement, 24 Lever St

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Rules are 'unfair'

07-12-2005 12:29

A SATURDAY school is under threat because of ‘unfair’ council funding rules.

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Va va boom: film night on French riots@Common Place social centre

07-12-2005 12:28

Yes folks, we're back. After the success of November's ten day extravaganza 'The Revolution Will Be Televised', the Common Place Cinema collective is pleased to announce the first Sunday Cinema of our new programme from now until March. 'Va va boom' is our tribute to the French rioters and an attempt to understand what the hell is going on both over there and over here.

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Violent Repression of High Velocity Train protest in Italy's Susa Valley

07-12-2005 04:27

Police attack protesters in Venaus
At around 3.30 yesterday morning near the village of Venaus in Piedmont’s Susa Valley, police attacked and forcibly evicted locals and activists who had been peacefully occupying the valley for the past week in protest against plans to construct a High Velocity Train line and tunnel linking Turin with Lyon.

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Annapolis in Wonderland

07-12-2005 04:09

The present international instability could result in one or numerous other horrendous scenarios. However, the one glaring consistency or constant in today’s international political arena is the hatred that America has attracted from the rest of the world. Regardless of any other consideration, a nation despised by all is doomed. The USA has earned its reward by its blatant double standards, hypocrisy and the serial exploitation of weaker nations. These are the direct causes of the retaliatory response on American interests worldwide. The so-called “terrorists” are only a minor distraction while the real war unfolds.

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BNP bumps into trouble with multiple copyright breach

06-12-2005 23:33

BNP breaches copyright laws wholesale

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Furious Gate Gourmet workers march in Southall

06-12-2005 22:43

Southall beats.
On Sunday several hundred sacked Gate Gourmet workers and their supporters held a march led by a traditional drumming duo (who were brilliant) through Southall. It was followed by a rally in a local hall addressed by speakers from across the Trade Union movement.

Previously the workers had marched chanting vitriolic slogans about Gate Gourmet and British airways. Now their condemnation also targets their own trade union the T&G and its leader Tony Woodley. TUC chief Brendan Barber is also in the frame for selling them out.