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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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NHS doomed, while arms trade is subsidised to the tune of 1 billion a year

14-08-2005 22:33

Acording to Britain's most senior doctor, a tax funed National Health Service which is free for everyone to use is unsustainable and should be scrapped. Meanwhile, the British Arms Industry enjoys a cool £1 billion in handouts from the tax payer.

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People- power wins the day!

14-08-2005 20:14

Southend Borough Council back down on plans to destroy local allotments for school-twinning development

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Wakefield Gay pride day Photo's

14-08-2005 18:38

in drag
Photo's Of gay pride Day

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Public Meeting. Brighton. We are all Terror Suspects.

14-08-2005 07:27

As a result of “Terror” legislation, the age old right to peacefully protest is under serious threat, with the banning of protest being introduced in central London and laws designed to protect people from stalkers being used to imprison people involved in protest as well as I.D cards, tagging, torture, imprisonment without trial…

Speakers from CAMPACC, Haldane Society Of Socialist Lawyers, Statewatch and Smash Edo (a Brighton based campaign to close down Edo/Mbm arms dealers) will discuss these and other subjects.

This meeting is free and open to all.
Wed 14th September 7-9pm
@Sussex arts club, 7 Ship Street. Brighton

Called by Campaign Against Criminalizing Communities (CAMPACC). Smash Edo. Haldane Society of Socialist Lawyers and Stateswatch.

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The Day Democracy Died?

14-08-2005 01:11

Colin Fox, leader of the Scottish Socialist Party, is one of four MSPs facing a month's ban from Parliament for protesting in the chamber. Here, he explains their actions and examines the implications of the ban.

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Notes from new Palestine: revolutionary suicidal tendencies

13-08-2005 22:49

anthany james dawson
it has been 6 years since the martyredome of anthony james dawson and the silence remains by all who thought they once meant something to activism as they lay cozy in union jobs. all the deaf, dumb and blind and coopted media run by the sycophants of can west mediocrity, be it the mainstream facist press to the sellout alternia-rags sold out to arrogant bigots with tunnel vision, no imagination and with axes to grind, still hold no sense to know the question – what time is it?

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Dale Farm Photos

13-08-2005 20:24

A group of activists from Cambridge and London visted today the Dale Farm traveller site, that is under threat of eviction. Here are two photos of the bariccaded entrance -- showing the determination to resist and stop evictions!

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Report back from Jerry Hicks talk in Cambridge

13-08-2005 20:01

Jerry Hicks, a sacked trade unionist working at the Bristol Rolls Royce plant, talked in Cambridge on the Thursday 11th August. The meeting was organized by the Marshall's Aerospace branch of the Amicus Union in Cambridge, but the audience was quite mixed with trade unionists sitting next to anti-war and social justice activists.

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13-08-2005 14:57

Around forty Anti arms trade protestors were prevented from marching through Brighton today (saturday 13th August) by over 150 officers, some in public order gear with dogs.

The camapaigners were trying to draw attention to local arms dealers EDO MBM.

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EDO Brighton demo VIDEO

13-08-2005 14:41

4min/14mb video from EDO demonstration in Brighton, UK

13th of August 2005

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G8 documentary

12-08-2005 23:53

New documentary on the G8 protests in Scotland.

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Spodden Valley regeneration and asbestos- a growing scandal?

12-08-2005 20:01

BBC TV North West Tonight investigates the controversial Spodden Valley planning application.

Were Councillors and the BBC misled over asbestos test results?

Jayne Barrett of BBC North West Tonight reports that residents in Rochdale are today calling on the office of Deputy Prime Minister to for a Public Inquiry because they suggest that developers have seriously misled town councillors and the BBC over important facts about asbestos contamination.

This concerns the former Turner and Newall site in Spodden Valley, Rochdale where there are controversial plans by a consortium, headed by Countryside Properties, to build over 600 homes and a children’s nursery on the site of the world’s largest asbestos textile factory

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Iraqi Vigil for Peace and Unity - All Welcome!

12-08-2005 15:08

The Iraqi Community Council for the North of England wishes to express its most sincere and grave sympathy with the victims of the 7th of July bombings, their families, and the people of London and condemn all terrorist act perpetrated by those enemies of humanity.

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OutRage!- The Iran demo + pic links

12-08-2005 11:42

OutRage's demo 11 Aug Iranian Embassy

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12-08-2005 06:12

It is not often that semantics attracts our attention, but the recent media saturation with the latest word-fad has prompted this response. The latest word that is ‘sweeping’ through the vocabularies of all right-wing speech writers is (you got it) “sweeping”! Have you noticed that there’s a ‘whole lot of sweeping going on’? “Sweeping new terrorist laws; sweeping new security measures; sweeping new changes”, etc. It is a shame that Bush, Blair and Howard haven’t been swept out of office. But it’s a bigger shame that we are being swept back into a quasi-feudal world of Lords and slaves – no need to guess what your status will be, but more on that later – for now, “the Word was with God, and the Word was God”. Disregard it at your own peril!

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Jerry Hicks speaks in Cambridge

11-08-2005 21:17

photos from Jerry Hicks meeting tonight

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Over 100 on Iran Embassy demo...

11-08-2005 16:19

OutRage! led demo at the Iranian Embassy- 11 Aug.

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7/7: The war comes home - a comment from Bristol

11-08-2005 15:01

Bristol activists from a number of groups have come together independently to produce a critique & comment on the recent bombs in London and the British state's response. We'll be printing several thousand flyers & posters to ditribute around Bristol.