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EDOPHOBE | 13.08.2005 14:57 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast

Around forty Anti arms trade protestors were prevented from marching through Brighton today (saturday 13th August) by over 150 officers, some in public order gear with dogs.

The camapaigners were trying to draw attention to local arms dealers EDO MBM.

As the campaign has intensified and more people have been made aware of the existence of a bomb making factory less than a mile and a half from Brighton City Centre so has police repression .

The march left Churchill Square (Brighton's main shopping mall) with intention of marching to the Level. Police (some drafted in from the Met) blocked North Road and with a large audience of shoppers and bystanders attacked the crowd. Four arrests followed. One arrest of an eighty year old man visibly shocked the general public.

The march starts a week of action against EDO MBM, for more info visit

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