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06-07-2012 13:05

Week of Action already a Success! Major Blow for Government as Holland & Barrett pull out of Workfare!

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Welfare & Benefits Conference in Birmingham – Tues 10th July

06-07-2012 10:03

On Tuesday 10th July, from 9:30am – 5:30pm, there is a free conference being run by grassroots claimant group, Boycott Workfare , about welfare reforms, workfare, the attacks on our benefits system and building claimants support, advice and campaigning networks.

This will be held at the Unite the Union Building, Transport House, 211 Broad Street, B15 2AY. The building is wheelchair accessible, and children are welcome though a creche facility is not available.

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Brighton protests against workfare as part of the week of action

06-07-2012 09:20

Brighton actions during the the national week of action against workfare called by the Boycott Workfare network.

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Venezuela: Interview with Rafael Uzcátegui

05-07-2012 19:28

* Rafael Uzcategui is a member of the group that publishes the anarchist newspaper El Libertario in Caracas (Venezuela). As antimilitarist, he is also a member of the War Resisters’ International and works in a Venezuelan human rights NGO called Provea. He is author of the books “Heart of Ink” and “Venezuela: Revolution as Spectacle” in which he reports the so-called Bolivarian process of Chavez and the true face of his “revolutionary” government. Taking advantage of his conference tour in Germany, we interviewed Rafael for the magazine Gai Dao.

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Charity run by young people needs your votes for the Lottery Good Cauases awards

04-07-2012 16:00

The Young Pioneers Charity run by 16 year old Luke Lancaster has been shortlisted for the lottery good causes award 2012 and the nation has to vote. Our programme, Be Healthy has been shortlisted and needs votes. It is special becuase it is led by young people, for young people.

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Insurrectionary action update (Global)

03-07-2012 13:48

[in no particular order, a few recent reports of anarchist attacks....] "Cell of Revolutionary Action for the Destruction of the State – Autonomous Cells for Immediate Revolution – Praxedis G. Guerrero" (CAR-PGG) responsibility claim for explosive packages to Greek embassy (Mexico) // railroad sabotage in Montreal by "Invisible Committee for the End of Their History" against capitalist conference (Canada) // direct actions during the No Border camp in Stockholm (Sweden) // "Anarchist Revolutionary Group Antifascist Action" claims responsibility for bombing radio station Diavlos in Rodopi (Greece) // claim for attack on Nea Dimokratia offices in Athens (Greece) // explosive attacks on police station in Santiago (Chile) // bombs on the construction site of a new prison in Marche (Belgium) // Van loaded with explosives driven into Microsoft’s Athens HQ (Greece) // Communique for sabotage of Duke Energy trucks, Bloomington (USA) // insurrectionary news from Munich (Germany) // solidarity with the insurrection in Montreal (Canada) from Atlanta (USA) // Police cars attacked, Denman Island (Canada) // words of solidarity with the Cleveland 5 anarchists stung by the FBI (USA) // COUNTER INFO SOURCES = 325, ActForFreedomNow, WarOnSociety

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Video: Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network first eviction protest

02-07-2012 13:50

On Wednesday 20th June the Birmingham Eviction Resistance Network held its first protest against the evictions of two squats owned by Tesco in Stirchley, Birmingham

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New Health Risks and Opencast Mining

02-07-2012 12:48

The June Review of developments affecting Opencast Mining from the Loose Anti Opencast Network provides new evidence that Surface Mine workers in the USA contract 'Black Lung' disease. Secondly it reviews recent developments in Carbon Capture and Storage in the UK and lastly updates what the situation is on prospective and actual opencast sites in England.

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Demonstration in Solidarity with Anarchist Political Prisoners in Belarus

01-07-2012 17:58

Demonstrate with us at the Belarusian Embassy from 12pm on the 2nd of July!

6 Kensington Court
London W8 5DL.
Tel: 020 7937 3288 – Fax: 020 7361 0005
Nearest Tube: High Street Kensington

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Extradition film screening Cambridge

30-06-2012 14:23

Extradition film screening Cambridge

Sunday 8th July 2012
2 - 4pm

Cambridge Mosque
... CB1 2DZ

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Man sets himself on fire outside job centre after being found fit for work

30-06-2012 10:29

Claimant found fit for work driven by desperation sets himself on fire after disgusting treatment by the job centre, Atos and government.

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Report on protest against Land-Grab Investors Summit - Tues 26th June, London

30-06-2012 07:11

Protestors make their voice heard to delegates leaving landgrab investors summit
On Tuesday 26th June, a group of people from environmental, development and farming groups joined together to denounce land grabs outside an international agricultural investors conference in London.

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Anti-Deportation Campaign ‘Keep Elijah Safe’ in South Wales

29-06-2012 10:21

Blockage of Colnbrook in 2011 against charter flights
New group Cardiff Migrant Solidarity have set up an anti-deportation campaign for Chijioke Elijah, A Nigerian Activist who was arrested in Bridgend on Tuesday 26th June. Chijioke Elijah is currently being detained at Colnbrook IRC and has been given removal directions for the 5th July charter flight that is due to land in several African countries.

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Two weeks to go: Take Back the Land! 12-18 July

28-06-2012 20:46

In two weeks we’ll be setting up for 6 days of resistance to corporate rule in the Douglas Valley. We’ll be taking on the UK’s largest opencast coal mining company, landlord-aristocrat-banker Lord Home and South Lanarkshire Council – together they conspire to make a few people very wealthy, whilst communities are left disempowered, disenfranchised and to suffer all the impacts that living next to opencast mines bring. The Douglas Valley is a sacrifice zone for the ruling class – but don’t despair! Scottish Coal are in big financial trouble and there’s been no better time to hit them where it hurts. In fact, its time to Take Back the Land!

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Dissident voices from South Africa

28-06-2012 09:44

Spokesperson for Unemployed People’s Movement in UK in July

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Afraid of Police on Horses? Watch this!

28-06-2012 01:50

Repost via

Get those animals off those horses!

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Making Welfare Work - One Day Conference July 10th

27-06-2012 18:35

As the Tories continue their attack on our welfare, Boycott Workfare and welfare activists in Birmingham have come together for a one day conference, called as a counter to the Welfare to Work conference happening just down the road at the ICC.
Tuesday 10th July, 9:30am – 5:30pm
Unite the Union Building, Transport House, Broad Street, Birmingham, B15 2AY

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Dirty Coal Plans Defeated: CONCH have won!

27-06-2012 14:10

Yesterday evening Ayrshire Power withdrew their plans for a new coal-fired power station at Hunterston on Scotland’s west coast – a great victory against new coal. They are also withdrawing from the current CCS demonstration project funding competitions, and the Public Local Inquiry set to take place this Autumn for the plans will also not be going ahead. Ayrshire Power says it took the decision because of uncertainties around securing the necessary financial investment to build the power station in the current economic climate – but we say its down to all the hard and tireless work of campaigners who have fought the plans for three years. Well done Communities Opposed to New Coal at Hunterston!

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Groups urge world leaders to reject “Green Economy” in Rio+20 summit

27-06-2012 13:11

MANILA, Philippines - Various cause-oriented groups warned the Philippine delegation and world leaders attending the three-day United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development (UNCSD) in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil not to fall into the trap of believing that the proposed "Green Economy" is "a tool and mechanism for sustainable development."

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Transforming Our Food System

27-06-2012 10:00

Transforming Our Food System
Join us for two days of strategy discussions and action planning aimed at strengthening the movement for a democratic, sustainable and fair food system in the UK and globally.