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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Video of one aspect of Mandela's vist not covered by the corporate media.

01-09-2007 13:01

Nelson Mandela attended the unveiling of his statue in Parliament Square, London, UK, on Wednesday 29th August 2007, accompanied on stage by Prime Minister Gordon Brown and several other eminent politicians.

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Bicycle discrimination in the SOCPA zone.

01-09-2007 07:50

The MP3 recording is further confirmation of the discrimination exercised against cyclists by the police during the monthly Critical Mass.

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Prison officers strike in England and Wales in defiance of High Court injunction

31-08-2007 23:39

Some 20,000 prison officers in England and Wales ended their first national strike on Thursday, following an agreement between the Prison Officers’ Association (POA) and the government to hold new negotiations over pay.

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We Won.... Kenneth Foster Death Sentence Commuted

31-08-2007 18:43

Governor Rick Perry accepted a recommendation from the state parole board and said today he would spare condemned prisoner Kenneth Foster from execution and commute his sentence to life. Foster had been scheduled to die on 30th August 2007.

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Bristol No Borders upcoming events

31-08-2007 15:30

no borders, no nations, stop deportations

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Chair of SKY-Satellite, Bangladeshi-audience tv outlet Channel S resigns! -1

31-08-2007 14:58

The reports of the resignation of the Chair of the satellite TV channel S are circulating in the Bangladeshi community in the UK. But the official confirmation has yet to take place.

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No Borders Camp, Manchester local meeting Monday 3rd Sep

31-08-2007 14:17

Meeting - Manchester, Monday 3 September 7pm, Sand Bar

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Flood Risk - Who Cares? Not Preston City Council

30-08-2007 22:49

Preston Councillors voted today to plough ahead with plans to barrage the River Ribble and build thousands of houses in it's floodplain, despite being blissfully ignorant of the contents of the Ribble Flood Risk Report - but why bother about the floodrisk to local people when the developers stand to make £millions?

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Manchester NO2ID Events, September 2007

30-08-2007 22:27

Manchester NO2ID Logo
Manchester NO2ID's scheduled meetings and flyerings for September 2007.

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Oaxaca Declines to be “Governed”

30-08-2007 09:26

The Struggle Shifts from the City to Land and Water Issues
By Nancy Davies
Commentary from Oaxaca

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Team Tibet - documentary film

30-08-2007 09:02

“Team Tibet” is a short documentary film which follows a group of Tibetans living in exile in India, who want Tibet to be able to take part in the 2008 Olympics.

Filmed August 2007 in McLeod Ganj and Delhi, it asks: Why did they flee Tibet? What is the situation in Tibet under Chinese occupation? What are their hopes for the future of their country, people and cultures? And What about the 2008 games?

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What they tried to hide from Mandela

30-08-2007 08:34

So ashamed are Ken and the GLA of our government's war record and its slaughter of thousands of innocents, including children, they tried to hide Brian Haw's anti-war display from view.

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Philippines: Widow to testify against CPP founder Joma Sison

30-08-2007 08:28

Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) with Comrade Jose Ma. Sison
Gloria “Joy” Jopson-Kintanar has blamed Sison for the murder of her husband, Romulo Kintanar, on Jan. 23, 2003. She and another widow, Veronica Tabara, filed complaints against Sison early last year that served as grounds for the arrest of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) founder in the Netherlands on Tuesday.

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Screw The Law!

29-08-2007 20:02

For obvious reasons to do with their chosen occupation, prison officers aren't exactly popular amongst radical activists. Many of us have been on the receiving end of their 'justice', or know people who have, or perhaps fear that we will in the future. All this is understandable and to be expected.

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Tinsley House demo - London mobilising meeting, Monday

29-08-2007 19:52

On Sat 22nd Sept No Borders has called for a transnational day of action and is calling a demo at Tinsley "House" immigration detention centre at Gatwick. The meeting on Monday, from 6.30pm at the T&G in Holborn, is to discuss mobilising people in London for this demo.

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Parliament Square this morning.

29-08-2007 13:05

Police attempt to suppress freedom of speech in Parliament Square today and fail.

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autonomous knowledge and power in a society

28-08-2007 23:14

A short conclusion about the Black Block glossaries in the rural debate about militant tactics on International Brigades eve on Autumn 2007!

Worth to read it:)

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SOCPatriarchy Revolution Meeting Report

28-08-2007 21:03

Humans Keep off the Environment
Milkman of Human Kindness.. ?

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Manchester Gay Pride 2007 - Pix 2

28-08-2007 16:44

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street / Canal Street area.

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Manchester Gay Pride 2007 - Pix 1

28-08-2007 16:40

Saturday on the August Bank Holiday. Starting on Deangate at 2pm, the parade including 200 floats, snaked it's way round the city centre, finishing with an event at Princess Street / Canal Street area.