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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Iranian refugees in Birmingham demonstrate against the Islamic regime in Iran

09-02-2007 16:18

Iranian refugees from Birmingham's Iranian Refugee Association braved the snow this afternoon in Birmingham City Centre to protest against the Islamic regime of Iran and voice their opposition to any imminent military attack on Iran by the UK and US governments.

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09-02-2007 15:38

CONFERENCE OVERVIEW: The year 2008 will mark the 20th Anniversary of the publishing of the book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of Mass Communication (Edward Herman and Noam Chomsky, Pantheon, 1988). In this book, the authors (both of whom will be attending/participating in this conference) put forth a model, the Propaganda Model (PM), as a way of understanding the way our mass media system interrelates with our economy, political system, and society in general. Since putting forth their propaganda model, there have been both praise and criticism of this model, and there have also been many changes and technological advances in our entire communication and media landscape. This May 2007 conference (May 15-17, 2007, Windsor, Canada; see and Spring 2008 publication (of an edited scholarly collection inspired by the conference) will, through vigorous debate/discussion and fresh insight, make great strides in critically analyzing (revising/updating) the ongoing relevance of the Herman/Chomsky Propaganda Model as a useful conceptualization for understanding 21st century media and society.

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The Movement for Justice in El Barrio

09-02-2007 10:47

Movement for Justice in El Barrio to Present a Message from the Zapatistas in New York

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Help Save Andre Parenzee

09-02-2007 04:21

Andre Parenzee represents all the victims of the HIV=AIDS Dogma. If
we can keep him from his outrageously long jail sentence it will give
new hope to victims of the dogma all over the world.

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AUSTRALIA: Former medical student to stand trial over suspected training

09-02-2007 02:39

Suspected training
Today his lawyers sought special leave to appeal to the High Court, arguing the Commonwealth did not have power over acts committed in foreign countries with no connection to Australia.

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letter to the Dutch TD

09-02-2007 01:20

Dear Mr Marijnissen (TD)
Isn't it time you do something to stop the abuse of power within youth care?
There is no real control on youth care companies in the Netherlands.
They lie openly and refutable in order to place children into their care.

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CSSGJ talk on 'Britain's national narrative'

08-02-2007 17:52

What is Britain's relationship to the developing world - and how is this relationship negotiated and retold to suit current needs? What is 'global citizenship' and what does it imply in terms of contemporary politics?

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Olympic Land Grab Thwarted

08-02-2007 13:33

Gardens given by Villers bottom right, friend of Churchil Midle 2nd from left
Waltham Forest Council reject London Development Agencies plans to use common land to relocate allotments from within the proposed Olympic park

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AUSTRALIA: BringDavidHome

08-02-2007 09:01

Hey folks check out the pics from Tuesday's protest outside Parliament House

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Projection 'info night' at the Vortex

08-02-2007 00:36

Bringing together social struggles from across the globe

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Actions in the run-up to G8

07-02-2007 19:28

Here is a list of some of what has been going on in Europe agaist this June's g8 summit in Germany

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Asbo your neighbours!

07-02-2007 18:55

A member of one of London’s most experienced community action groups has hit out against the ‘hidden agenda’ of a new measure to give ASBO powers to Tenant Management Organisations.

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Recycling – the good, the bad and the ugly

07-02-2007 15:52

In the Rotten Bororough of Rushmoor, New-Labour sycophant Keith Dibble has launched a vicious attack on fellow councillor Peter Sandy for daring to criticise crass council policies on recycling and for raising the legitimate concerns of the local community.

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Onr Week to Unite Against Fascism Launch!

07-02-2007 01:06

Please print and distribute leaflet!
Nottinghamshire Unite Against Fascism luanches Tuesday 13 February

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Balibo Murderer Implicates Indonesian Government

06-02-2007 14:48

Yunus Yosfiah, former Indonesian government minister and commander of Kopassus, the elite government sanctioned hit squad functioning as part of the Indonesian military, has been formally identified by an eyewitness as the person who initiated the cold-blooded murder of five Australian journalists in East Timor in 1975. Not mentioned in recent reports is the exact order Yosfiah issued to his troops. Indonesian troops were extremely reluctant to fire on five unarmed Australian non-combatants, who had openly surrendered. [Then] Captain Yunus Yosfiah, issued the murderous order, “don’t think, just shoot”, before he commenced firing on the unarmed Australian journalists!

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Eyewitness Lebanon: Caoimhe Butterly Speaks Out at SOAS

05-02-2007 23:56

Eye Witness Lebanon
Conversations with
Caoimhe Butterly

Solidarity and anti-war activist who has lived with communities of
resistance in Iraq, Lebanon Palestine and Mexico

Talks about her experiences and struggles during the recent war in
Lebanon and reports on the current humanitarian situation in the south

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Demonstration against Crossrail hole Bill backer mayor Ken Livingstone

05-02-2007 21:07

Ken Livingstone is no longer hiding his craze for power. the more he gets it, the more abusive he is to the people. Amazing to note that Tony Blair who is behind the surge to give Livingstone even more power. was the one who had said that Livingstone would be a disaster for London !

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Noam Chomsky in Dublin 2006

05-02-2007 18:07

Chomsky came to a private meeting with anarchists and activists in Dublin during 2006. He spoke about anarchism, the Spanish Civil War and Vietnam among other topics. This is the audio track of a 3 camera shoot.

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Lydd Airport consultation period-pls send objections!

05-02-2007 16:58

Lydd Airport on Romney Marsh, Kent has recently submitted plans to expandto 2 mill pax per year and a runway extention to allow 737 type jets.
It's just 2 miles from Dungeness A & B Nuke stations and surrounded by nature reserves (RSPB) and SSSI'. There is a Primary School just 500 mtrs from end of runway and MoD firing ranges in the area.