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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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more actions against alcoa dam in Icleand

04-08-2005 19:53

activists invaded construction site and scaled huge cranes in protest against illegal construction of Alcoa smelter in pristine fjord

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OutRage!- Iranian Embassy demo 11Aug+ latest info.

04-08-2005 15:40

The lastest (Aug4th) Press/News Release from OutRage! regarding the 11 August demo at the Iranian Embassy and update on the info.
Let's see how long this posting remains before some IMC overly PC type deletes it without an explanation.

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Oil rich Mauritania: Coup against the US and Israel?

04-08-2005 14:12

The US gov't continues to deal with the old President of Mauritania: the oncoming clash is another guerilla war in Africa. Which has been 'robbed blind', but is blamed for not being able to see.

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Defend Dale Farm: workshop and public strategy meeting

04-08-2005 13:06

Saturday, August 13th, 1 pm, Dale Farm near Basildon in Essex

Basildon council will shortly attempt to demolish homes at Dale farm,
where over 1000 travellers live. The council have budgeted between two and
three million pounds for this. Travellers and their supporters plan to
defend the homes there. For many, this is their last stand. On August
13th, we will be holding a public workshop in defense techniques and
strategy meeting at Dale farm.

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Video Letter to Tony Blair from Loackleaze Day Centre, Bristol

04-08-2005 12:34

Video Some of the participants in the video letter
A short video letter (7mins 23 secs) to Tony Blair from the users of Lockleaze Day Centre, in Bristol. Elderly ad disabled people describe the effects of the Governments new F.A.C.S (Fair Access to Care) scheme is having on their lives.

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Cambridge Social Centre!

04-08-2005 11:41

Demolish this?
An embedded report to come sometime soon, in the meantime here's my personal 'Letter to our Neighbours'...

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all roads lead to prague/praha

04-08-2005 11:35

as far as we can work out as to what is happening;

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04-08-2005 06:59

The Exclusion Zone
This map will help you determine where the zone is and its extent.

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TESCO pickets in solidarity with sacked casual workers

04-08-2005 02:20


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European Solidarity with Chiapas is rising

03-08-2005 23:05

Solidarity groups deepen the level of networking.
Anti-neoliberal struggles in Europe are emphasised.

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Lobby NOT ILLEGAL DEMO at parliament square THIS SUNDAY

03-08-2005 22:06

Mass Lobby of Parliament in support of the Right to

Assemble 12 noon, Sunday 7th August, Parliament Square.

If you are concerned about the introduction of the new law that has effectively banned all demonstrations in the area around Parliament (up to 1 km away as far as the London Eye, Charing Cross and Trafalgar Square) then please join the mass lobby outside parliament to call on our representatives to reconsider and over turn this undemocratic and draconian legislation.

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Forum for those arrested at the G8

03-08-2005 22:01

A private forum has been created for those who were arrested at the G8 and wish to share information and possibly co-ordinate transport.

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The Silent Victims of July 7

03-08-2005 20:21

Burning mosques and assaulting Muslim women will not bring back the victims of those horrendous terrorist attacks”, Elaasar, the foremost authority on hate crimes, said.

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Birmingham City Council begins it's own tornado damage limitation PR exercise

03-08-2005 17:51

David Maxted refutes any criticism of the council's handling of the disaster
After 4 days of professional incompetence in terms of effectively responding to the tornado that ripped through South Birmingham last Thursday, Birmingham City Council finally decided to 'face the music'.

Monday August 1st appears to mark the beginning of a public relations operation designed to refute claims by local people and whistle blowing Council employees that Birmingham City Council poorly handled its emergency response to the tornado.

Unannounced to local residents, David Maxted Strategic Director of Local Services from Birmingham City Council gave a live interview overlooking the decimated row of terraced houses on Birchwood road, Balsall Heath.

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"Rule of law" issues ...

03-08-2005 15:04

The European Convention for the Protection of Human Rights and Fundamental Freedoms

Articles 6.3.b and 6.3.c

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Trial of anarchists in Aachen, Germany - verdict on Friday!

03-08-2005 14:57

The lengthy trial in Aachen is coming to an end...

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Shell Hell continues in Ireland-Call for International Solidarity

03-08-2005 14:33

The Imprisoned Rossport 5
On Tuesday, the 29th June, 2005, in Dublin, Ireland, 5 farmers from Rossport, Co. Mayo,Ireland were sent to Mountjoy Prison in Dublin, for violating an order imposed by the High Court to stop blocking Shell access to their lands to constuct the onshore section of the Corrib Gas Field pipeline.

The men have appeared in Court several times since that date and have been asked whether or not they wish to purge their contempt and agree to obeying the injunction,a request the have flatly refused on each occasion.

A Nationwide campaign of Boycotts,Blockades,Pickets,Fundraisers,Large -Scale Demos,Occupations and sit-ins,Solidarity gatherings as well as a permanent activist camp and blockade at the remote site of the proposed pipeline has exploded in Ireland since the men's jailing.

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Indymedia Cinema screening: 'Czech Dream' Aug 5th 8:30pm @ mac

03-08-2005 13:24

'Czech Dream' August 5th @ Midlands Arts Centre @ 8:30pm

'They built a fake hypermarket. They fooled thousands of people. Why did they do it?'

This funny and provocative analysis of the world of media manipulation is based on a hoax perpetrated by two film students on an unsuspecting public. In May 2003, several thousand Prague residents showed up at a meadow on the city's outskirts to attend the opening of Czech Dream, a hypermarket much touted in a clever advertising campaign which said 'Don't Come' and 'Don't Spend'. But the store front turned out to be a façade.

Friday nights screening, which starts at 8:30pm, will be followed by a post-screening discussion, hosted by Indymedia, focusing on the issues that the film raises.

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Support Polish Migrants Strike Against Tescos

03-08-2005 08:09

Picket Banner in Dublin
Support Polish workers wildcat strike against Tescos in Ireland. Solidarity pickets this Thursday August 4th, 6pm at Tesco's all over Ireland and at Hackney Central, London and other cities around UK.

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Tornado relief: No cash available – sort yourselves out!

03-08-2005 01:27

There was an article in The Guardian newspaper on Monday 1 August with the headline 'Tornado victims get cash grants' which made it sound like the lovely fluffy government was going to be handing out money to tornado affected residents.,,1539962,00.html

This is wrong. The article refers to the Bellwin scheme under which
the national government makes grants to local authorities in the case of severe weather incidents such as Boscastle and Birmingham (see for terms of the scheme.)

This scheme provides money for the Local Authority ONLY for clearing up fallen trees (but not replanting them), mending any roads and pavements and street furniture damaged by the event, providing emergency accommodation and employing extra contractors i.e. like the people with the hydraulic platforms etc.

Roger Godsiff on film (attached below) also stated at a public meeting on Saturday 30th July that this is the case and that it doesn't translate into money for hard hit individuals.