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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Food not Bombs in Gdansk / Poland

12-01-2004 10:42

Action takes place every Sunday at the train station of Gdansk - city in north Poland. Video is an short reportage from one of them at 4 of January 2004

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Support Manchester's Striking Electricians

11-01-2004 16:22

5th Febuary 7:30pm Friends Meeting House (Mount St by the central library)

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Strike Spotting UK 25/12/03 - 10/01/04

11-01-2004 15:14

Summary of Strikes in the UK - For Proletarian Self-Emancipation

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Empire strikes out

10-01-2004 18:50

First publicated on the trotskyist review Marxism Alive 6

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10-01-2004 16:25

Trident costs 1.5 billion squid a year. that could pay for every student in the UK to go to Uni for free. In other words, Blair reckons plotting genocide is more important than my education and the education of students everywhere. Tell your MP to vote NO to FEES, (use where it takes 2 secs) and to tell Blair and Clarke they've got their priorities wrong. To Stop Fees, Stop Trident.

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movement of the imagination at the ESF 2003

09-01-2004 15:33

movement of the imagination at the ESF Paris 2003
tape fun 'ceci n'est pas le capitalisme' at the European Social Forum
who's space? our space...the world is not for sale

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19th day of hunger strike in London

09-01-2004 15:02

This is a press release dated January 9, 2004 concerning a hunger strike taking place in Seven Sisters, London. It is in opposition to prison repression in Turkey. The press release also contains details of a knife attack by racists on one of the hunger strikers.

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09-01-2004 07:46

Deir Ballut is an extremely fertile area, with large tracts of waterlogged land being used as the main growth area for summer crops for the entire Salfit region.

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ANTHANY DAWSON FACT SHEET - Rose Henry August 2002

09-01-2004 06:51

It was at this point that several witnesses report seeing what appeared to be excessive physical violence done to Anthany by police officer(s): “When I saw him being punched it made me feel sick.” It is alleged an officer said, “When I tell you to roll over, you fuckin roll over.” Witnesses also say police appeared to be joking and laughing as they stood behind the ambulance once Anthany had been put inside.

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Rank-and-File Movement Wins Election in SEIU Union Local 36

09-01-2004 03:05

Philly Home Team Slate Election Brochure

On December 13, members of Local 36 of the 1.6 million-member Service Employees International Union (SEIU), one of the largest in the AFL-CIO and originator of the national "Justice for Janitors" campaign, elected a new president, secretary-treasurer and 23 Executive Board members. This came in the 18th month of a national SEIU trusteeship over Local 36, which represents over 4,300 janitors, building maintenance workers, technicians and professionals in Philadelphia and its suburbs in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

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EZLN 10 Years After, The Struggle Continues

08-01-2004 22:01

EZLN, 1st January 1994

1st January 2004 marks 10 Years since the EZLN's uprising in Chiapas (Mexico's south east), and 20 years of modern Zapatismo.

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Repression Against Migrant Workers Union in South Korea

08-01-2004 04:13

Immigration police in action against migrant workers
While South Korean government started mid November with hunting and mass deportation of migrant workers, around 100 migrant workers and some Korean supporters occupied Myeongdong Cathedral’s compound in central Seoul. While the occupation still is ongoing government try to destroy union by all means.

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Preemptive Crowd Control: Why Are Some Protesters Treated So Differently By Police

07-01-2004 18:56

Natural Graffiti: Peace Signs Mysteriously Appear on Seattle Lawns at Pre-Dawn
Why do police spray anti-war protesters with pepper spray and rubber bullets if they stray off the sidewalks into streets, but they accommodate rowdy sports fans blocking streets, with smiles? Is this difference politically driven? The police violence at the Miami FTAA protests in Nov, 2003, could easily be repeated in Boston and NYC this summer, in 2004, at the Democratic and Republican National Convention protests...

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Anarchist Federation National Secretary on letter bombing campaign

07-01-2004 18:52

A statement from the National Secretary of the Anarchist Federation (IAF/IFA) on the recent letter bombing campaign and it's attribution to Italian anarchists.

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Justice in the 21st C. Law Conf. 7-8 Feb.Canterbury.

07-01-2004 16:52

Critical Lawyers group Conference in Canterbury(UKC) in February. 7-8th.

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Five Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

07-01-2004 16:38

Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

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News Round-Up From British Occupied Basra

06-01-2004 22:22

This is a round up of the past few weeks (troops on high alert, 2 massive carbombs planted at the 'mouth' of Basra town, unemployed riots and the head of education in Basra declaring himself King, sorta) but today there was a pretty serious riot with 10 people shot - by Iraqi paramilitary plod and one demonstrator at least shot in the head and killed. The demo - 1500-2000 strong was made up of ex-soldiers fulfilling their promise to escalate their struggle for survival payments from the occupation Administration. Full report on this later.

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06-01-2004 18:52

Ken Loach will be introducing a special showing of Bread and Roses on Thu Jan 22, 6.30-9 at the Other Cinema, Rupert St W1 (just off Leicester Sq).