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Five Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

No Zionist! | 07.01.2004 16:38 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles | Cambridge

Israeli Conscientious Objectors Jailed

5 COs jailed to deter a generation of conscripts to the Israeli Army.

On 4 January, 2004 Five conscripted Conscientious Objectors were sentenced to an additional year in prison on top of the year they have been held for refusing to serve in the IDF. The sentence is, in effect, an unlimited one as the prosecution intends to jail them till they agree to serve. That's the price they will pay for refusing to be part of the brutal occupation.

The 5 COs are being punished because of their convictions - the severity of the punishment reflects the Israeli government's fear of those convictions. The Government needs programmed soldiers - its policy is to intimidate all conscripts by jailing these COs until they break.

We will not let this happen !! Sign the Petition for the immediate release of the 5 conscientious objectors at .

How many people will it take to convince the Israeli government that intimidation of people with a conscience is unacceptable ... 1,000? 100,000? Or a million?? Whatever it takes we intend to get it! Be part of our campaign!

Signing the petition will not be enough. We need you to open doors in your community - advise us who to approach - in what organization - perhaps using your name as an introduction -- and any other ideas that you have to spread the word. Together we can create "the great moral uprising" we need to get them out.

Send us an email at the Refusers Parents' Forum Coordinator.

Join us in


A sample letter to the Commander of the IDF Manpower Dept. is attached

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