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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Ecuador's Correa Haunted by Honduras

02-10-2010 14:25

"The co-ordinated actions in various cities, the takeover of Quito's airport by a section of the armed forces – all this indicated a planned coup attempt."

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Ahava shut down by Lock-On

02-10-2010 12:44

Cycle delivery of concrete block

The Ahava store in Covent Garden's Monmouth Street has been shut down since 11.30 this morning after BDS campaigners entered the store and locked onto a concrete block. As this report is being written police are attempting to chip away at the block with a hammer. It lloks likely to take them some some time

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Riots in Amsterdam against the squatting ban

02-10-2010 12:43

Mass demo, a squatted house and street battles. Fuck the Krakverbod!

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This Week in Palestine Week 39 2010

02-10-2010 10:03


Welcome to this Week in Palestine, a service of the International Middle East Media Center,, for 25th, September through October 1st, 2010

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Philippine Labor party, PAL ground crew to support flight attendants strike

02-10-2010 02:30

The labor group Partido ng Manggagawa (Worker's Party) and the Philippine Airlines Employees Association (PALEA), the ground crew union at the national flag carrier, both expressed support for the planned strike of the Flight Attendants and Stewards Association of the Philippines (FASAP).

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Oppose English Defence League in Blackburn Lancs Sat 2nd October 2010

02-10-2010 01:06

The English Defence League [EDL] are going to be protesting tomorrow Saturday 2nd October 2010 outside Kentucky Fried Chicken [KFC]. They are protesting because KFC serve Halal meat. THe protest will be at KFC Haslingden Road Blackburn Lancashire.!/event.php?eid=157451460934608

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Ed Miliband may have to learn much about Harriet, Gilligan and dossiers!

02-10-2010 00:35

Does Ed Miliband care about Harriet Harman's lifeline to George Galloway? The lifeline was most unexpected. However it is now very much a reality in the East End. By the time George Galloway surfaces in the East End, the lifeline will become quite tangible...It is very likely that George Galloway will stage a very subtle and effective propaganda onslaught of his own…He could not thank Harriet Harman enough, we have found.

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Repression in Brussels

01-10-2010 21:45

All kicking off in Brussels, but a lack of reporting on the UK Indy site. Heavy repression, violence and mass arrests, there is a mass demonstration tomorrow...keep checking the BXL indy site for videos and regular updates.

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Siempre Antifascista 2010

30-09-2010 13:03

Use the logo - always antifascist!
Remembering means fighting!

Violence, murders and pogroms: These expressions of a right-wing attitude, which has long been officially believed defeated, are flourishing.
Violence against Sinti and Roma, anti-Semitism, racism, and homophobia is accepted silently by major parts of our society and the state.

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Anti-cuts, anti-workfare - IWW film night and discussion - this Saturday night!

29-09-2010 19:48

What is ‘Workfare’ and why is it bad news for the unemployed?

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Zapatista Supporters Attacked in Retaliation for Building an Autonomous School

29-09-2010 12:52

One of the Zapatistas' most notable achievements has been the creation of an autonomous education system, designed to meet the needs of the people in the communities. Now 170 people from two indigenous communities have been evicted and are homeless on the mountain, because they would not destroy their autonomous school.

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General Strike in Spain

29-09-2010 11:19

A general strike is taking place throughout Spain today aginst the so-called "austerity measures" imposed by the government and capital. Since midnight piquets, blockades, actions and demonstrations are taking place all over the Spanish State. The strike is planned to last for 24h until midnight tonight..

For continuous coverage, latest reports and updates from the streets check out: (cat/sp)

Video galleries:
Photo galleries:
Live radio stream (in catalan and spanish):

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The Mexican government is losing control

29-09-2010 08:38

The Mexican government is losing control Brown Berets and their drug cartel taking over

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Opposition to kraakverbod

28-09-2010 18:50

A quick review of some of the things happening as part of the days of action in the Netherlands to mark the banning of the noble act of squatting, which finally becomes law on october 1. But for sure the squatting won't stop.

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Did Obama really say that?

28-09-2010 14:59

Cindy Sheehan
One thing the Obama regime has shown me is that the Democrats are also the Party of No: NO peace, NO justice, NO relevant healthcare reform, NO improvement in education, NO civil liberties, NO economic justice, NO environmental sustainability, NO jobs, NO anything that is positive for those who were made weaker after 9/11.

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Justice Dept. Assinations and Drone Attacks

28-09-2010 13:24

"Between our area and Waziristan is an 8 hour journey. The drone attack happened at night time and we all knew about it by the following morning. People who had witnessed the attack had come to tell us and described what they saw of the remnants and damage in the aftermath. They said the attack was so severe that they could not even distinguish the bodies from one another- even the bones of the people were completely blown apart. The dead were completely unrecognisable. My brother in law’s coffin was tightly sealed and we were not allowed to open it to view anything. We had the coffin with us for 30 minutes before it was taken away for burial."

"In fact the papers filed by the Justice Department attempting to quash the case argue that the court system should have absolutely no oversight over the administration’s sudden, bizarre claim that it can assassinate any American citizen it wants on the basis of national security, arguing that such issues are “for the executive branch of the government to decide rather than the courts.”

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President Ahmadinejad's New York meeting with U.S. activists

28-09-2010 13:07

President Ahmadinejad's meeting with US activists in New York, 21 September 2010
The opening week of the United Nations' 65th session was a busy one for Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. In addition to giving his annual address before the U.N. General Assembly and granting interviews with everyone from ABC's Charlie Rose to Fox News' Eric Shaw, he also found time to meet with groups of Iranian-Americans, Muslim leaders, academics and members of think tanks.

On Sept. 21 – the annual U.N.-declared International Day of Peace, he held a particularly interesting meeting at a midtown hotel with some 130 members of the U.S. peace and social justice movements, including major figures in the Black activist community.

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Naxalites hold cops hostage

28-09-2010 06:36

NAXALITE rebels in India have killed three policemen and are holding another four hostage in the impoverished Bastar region of the Chhattisgarh state.

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More police violence in Philadelphia: Justice for Askia Sabur!

28-09-2010 03:30

March for Askia Sabur in West Philadelphia, USA
Askia Sabur is a 29-year-old African man who was savagely beaten by a mob of black cops in West Philly in front of a Chinese restaraunt on 55th St. and Landsdowne Ave. On Friday, September 17, organizations such as the New Black Panther Party, MOVE, Poor Righteous Party of the Black Nation, the Uhuru Solidarity Movement and the International People’s Democratic Uhuru Movement (InPDUM) marched with the African community and the family of Askia Sabur on the 19th police district, demanding justice for Askia and the entire black community.

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BNP offer watches for membership!

27-09-2010 17:59

This is a mass email sent out today by the BNP encouraging people to sign up for lifetime membership for a one of fee of £500. Not only do you get the peace of mind of knowing you are helping to reclaim Britain, but you also get a shiny new watch!