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Gathering in Toledo (Spain) in solidarity with Greek Revolts

11-12-2008 00:19

Around 20 persons have been gathered tonight in Zocodover square from Toledo. Three riot cop trucks, some cops and many undercover police watched at the people gathered. See updates.

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another report from thessaloniki

10-12-2008 22:57

this is a follow on from the previous report

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Solidarity demo for Greece- Edinburgh this Friday

10-12-2008 21:41

On Friday 12/12 at 16:00 we will meet outside Bristo Square in order to protest against the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos

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Greek Riots: translations #3

10-12-2008 21:32

[ Flyer distributed outside a central subway station & compiled by the Initiative of anarchists/antiauthoritarians from the southern suburbs: ]

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SOLIDARITY FROM NEW YORK - Vandalism and Protest at Greek Consulate

10-12-2008 21:27

At 3:30 am last night the Greek Consulate in New York City got a surprise visit from anarchists in solidarity with comrades in Greece. At 12 noon today a protest was held at the Consulate in memory of Alexis and in solidarity with the riots and those arrested in the past few days.

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Greek teenager was killed by ricochet: police lawyer

10-12-2008 18:28

Here we go, now they are gonna deny it! Copper lawyer sez it was a ricochet

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Greek Riots: translations #1

10-12-2008 17:35

An eyewitness's account of neonazis & police working side by side in Patras.

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Why can't the BBC produce a complete picture on Govt Poverty-creation?

10-12-2008 17:05

James Purnell's latest careeristic attack on the impoverished and the involuntary 'poor' in Britain, as publicsed today

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This evening .. Athens..

10-12-2008 16:10


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Buy Nothing Day Manchester: Primark Feels the Wrath of Santa’s Little Workers!

10-12-2008 15:06

On Saturday 29th November seven students braved Manchester’s heaving Market Street in support of Buy Nothing Day 2008. In festive dress and armed with some thought-provoking clothing labels of their own, the aim was to raise awareness about unnecessary consumerism over Christmas, and to reveal the true cost of high street fashion to Saturday shoppers.

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1 Hour ago - Boy injured by police brutality

10-12-2008 14:50


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Proof of police using fascists in Greece

10-12-2008 14:06

Video where you can hear someone from the police side saying release the Golden Dawn people

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10 dec. Greek public tries to stop police brutality

10-12-2008 13:41

Greek public tries to stop police brutality

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10 Dec. Greek police brutality

10-12-2008 13:25

Bystanders react against police violence

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NEW greece updates! 12:30

10-12-2008 12:35

UPDATE 13:43 A friend on the phone: “I just walked down Mesogeion ave” (far from the centre) “and a small group of students, 12-13 year old, are attacking a riot police van. They are just armed with stones but they are totally going for it!”

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Bristol solidarity with Greek anarchists

10-12-2008 11:54

Bristol police station attacked.

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Bristol - Greek solidarity poster

10-12-2008 10:03

Solidarity poster
Solidarity with Greek workers & street militants!

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Stop the Mass Deportation of UK/Nigerian Families

10-12-2008 09:40

A number of Nigerian families/single women are currently detained in Yarl's Wood IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on a 'Ethnic Charter flight', flight number PVT007 (carrier unknown), from the UK @ 17:45 (airport unknown) to Dublin tomorrow Thursday, 11 December 2008. On arrival in Dublin it will pick up Irish/Nigerian families and then fly to Lagos, Nigeria.

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Yes , we are optimistic. KESARIANI - ATHENS (few minutes ago)

10-12-2008 08:16

Kesariani area High school
Yes , we are optimistic.
The youngsters are out to the streets offering fresh air to our society.
In the pictures , high school students of an Athens district – Kesariani on their way to the demonstration down town Athens today , few hours ago.

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Neo fascists side by side with Police vandalising !! - GREECE , PATRA city

10-12-2008 05:48

Police is using Neo Fascists and policemen in plane clothes , with rocks and sticks , pretending to be demonstrators , targeting either the demonstrators or vandalizing small shops and houses , trying to divert the climate and scare of the every day citizens.
The pictures are from Patra city, where Policemen in plane clothes and Neo Fascists were clashing with demonstrators AND caught vandalizing small shops in the city.