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10 Dec. Greek police brutality

Lily Infidel | 10.12.2008 13:25 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Bystanders react against police violence

After today's demos in Athens, police teargassed and threatened people sitting in cafe on Korai St. of all ages, who stood up shouting "disgrace!" "disgrace", Greek, "aisxos", and booing demanding for the riot squads to leave the area.

In Omonoia square, about 30 older Greeks threw plastic and paper cups and other small items at the riot squads who sprayed passers by in the face with chemical spray at random, and arrested a young boy, around 12, as he ran by---for no reason. Many in the crowd tried to get the police to let the child go free.

An Englishman asked the police in Greek, why they were arresting this kid and the police said "where are you from" , the man said "from England" and the policeman answered "go back to your own country". A second man asked the same thing of the police, who looked like a Roma and sounded Greek and was told to go back to his "own country" too.

One of the passersby at Omonoia square, who looked like someone shopping---was pushed and sprayed in the face---she fell down, hit her head and passed out.The riot squad left her and everyone there called an ambulance and tried to help.

Lily Infidel
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