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Bristol solidarity with Greek anarchists

BRISTOLIAN | 10.12.2008 11:54 | Anti-militarism | Repression | Social Struggles

Bristol police station attacked.

As police repression in Greece escalates, we, a few of many anarchists in Bristol, feel compelled to act in solidarity with Greek anarchists. We see those struggling against police repression abroad as allies in the fight against state repression throughout the world. All repressive state institutions are targets.

Last night, Newfoundland Road police station was attacked. Missiles were launched at their vehicle compound, damaging bodywork and windscreens, rendering around eight police vehicles inoperable, at least for the day. A message of solidarity was sprayed on the station.

We urge anarchists who feel a sense of solidarity with greek anarchists to take immediate action, by whatever means necessary.

For more info on the situation in greece see:



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