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10 dec. Greek public tries to stop police brutality

Lily Infidel | 10.12.2008 13:41 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Greek public tries to stop police brutality

After today's massive demo for the general strike in the centre of Athens held by worker's union and many others, I saw police arrest two juveniles (under 16 yrs old) who were separated from main block of protesters.

Passersby, not the demonstrators, who saw this, including middle aged women and pensioners, moved toward the police shouting at them to let the kids go. As the police moved away with the children, the passerbys followed them shouting at them to let them go, threw take away coffees at them and the police responded by spraying them with chemicals. One woman ended up unconscious on the ground. Members of the public took her into a near by shop until an ambulance came and took here away.

A fifteen year old boy who was clubbed on the head by police was on the ground unconscious close to Parliament, people called an ambulance for him.

Lily Infidel
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