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Why can't the BBC produce a complete picture on Govt Poverty-creation?

AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! No to Big Business Crossrail | 10.12.2008 17:05 | Repression | Social Struggles | Sheffield | World

James Purnell's latest careeristic attack on the impoverished and the involuntary 'poor' in Britain, as publicsed today

By©Muhammad Haque
1700 Hrs GMT
Wednesday 10 december 2008
What the BBC has broadcast so far today [Wednesday 10 December 2008 when Poverty-Creation Minister James Purnell produced yet another ‘white paper’ for poverty and social exclusion] about the Parasite package peddled in parliament by Purnell does not amount to factual reporting. And the BBC is yet to justify bringing on the TV screens Tony McNulty again as an alleged representative of the Brown Government and a specially ‘knowledgeable’ one on the subject of alleged work-shy and the alleged number of job vacancies. Why does the BBC have to justify doing so? Answer: Because McNulty was allowed to utter waffle. No substance whatever was found in what McNulty uttered.. And this became clear when he was caught out about the sole item that the BBC HAD done its home work on...And that caused McNulty to deny to Jane Hill [BBC News Channel] the report that at least one woman had been asked to return the poverty credit that she had been paid.... The BBC has got as many as THREE editors on the subject of the economic situation and the political response to it and yet between them the BBC editors concerned have not shown that they can produce a complete report that both represents the facts and also covers the Purnell parasitic Package for what it is...They have changed presenters or reporters but the item has remained the same. In essence...The BBC have not done the necessary home wok on the Tory Grayling either...And they have not examined the Lib Dem’s packaged alternative either. [To be continued]

AADHIKARonline in association with Khoodeelaar! No to Big Business Crossrail
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