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Gathering in Toledo (Spain) in solidarity with Greek Revolts

La Haine | 11.12.2008 00:19 | Repression | Social Struggles | World

Around 20 persons have been gathered tonight in Zocodover square from Toledo. Three riot cop trucks, some cops and many undercover police watched at the people gathered. See updates.

At the beginning there was some tension between some persons and police but that was all.

Police identified almost every demonstrator. Some photographers and a video camera from some Medias like “Aquí” and “La Tribuna” came and did some interviews and photos.

Three banners were hold with slogans like: “Police kills”(this one was taken off from demonstrators), “our tears will be the flame that burns up this fire” and “ against state violence, for Alesandros”

People lighted some candles and there was a black bow in the ground in Alesandros memory. Many leaflets were spread and people were very receptive to them asking for more information. There were shouts against police and state violence.

After an hour of meeting, police “invited” to end up the gathering and a communiqué was read and afterwards people left the place shouting and singing slogans.

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