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israeli forces kill again in bi'lin

01-01-2011 10:01

jawaher abu rahmah murdered by israeli army

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Cesare Battisti

31-12-2010 19:06

Italy has been desperate to get its hands on Cesare Battisti, who has become something of a scapegoat for the country's years of political violence - someone to blame for the period known as the "Years of Lead"

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#532 - Hearing the Inner Calling (Green Gone Wrong and Independent Diplomat)

31-12-2010 18:40

We start a new decade of Unwelcome Guests with a show appropriate to New Year's Resolutions. In our first hour we hear Heather Rogers on her new book, Green Gone Wrong, about why buying 'green' products will never solve the world's ecological crises. Our second hour presents a healthier alternative for resolution material - two individuals who have heard an inner calling and decided to take up an issue, to act upon their convictions in spite of the change to their routine; Charles Eisenstein tells how he came to write Ascent of Humanity, and Carne Ross tells why he quit the UK Diplomatic Service and how he came to start a non-profit diplomatic service for marginalised people groups.

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The Nation joins the campaign against Julian Assange

30-12-2010 15:31

“Feminist opinion—as the Assange case and the Polanski affair before it have demonstrated—has become one of the means of legitimizing the suppression of nonconformists and political dissidents, and of changing the subject from the great social issues, above all, class oppression and social inequality, to stale and self-pitying concerns.
Those supervising the attack against Assange are no doubt congratulating themselves on its clever design. Mounting it in the guise of a campaign against the sexual molestation of women… how else could such a filthy operation, with its threat of a sweeping assault on democratic rights, be mounted and even legitimized today?
The powers that be know the Pollitts of this world, and the Nation. The magazine’s editor, Katrina vanden Heuvel, is, after all, a member of the Council on Foreign Relations, a leading ruling class think tank whose membership has included numerous CIA directors, along with dozens of US generals and admirals.”

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Inquest into death of weapons inspector: David Kelly probe case 'unanswerable'

30-12-2010 12:38

Dr David Kelly was found dead in the woods in July 2003
Campaigners for a full inquest into the death of government weapons inspector David Kelly have said they believed they had presented Attorney General Dominic Grieve with an "unanswerable" case.

A lawyer for the group of doctors behind the demand for an inquest said they "hope and expect" that Mr Grieve will make his decision on legal grounds only, and will resist any political pressure to reject their application.

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2005: How Quebec Students Forced the Govt to Back Down

29-12-2010 23:16

Canada: Students blockade the Port of Montréal, 2005 - Article about blockade by students in Canada striking against cuts in education.

Lessons to be thought about and learned from for the 2011 student protests.

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UG#531 - Unite and Conquer 2 (One Global Family)

29-12-2010 16:51

This week we continue our series on the age of reunion. We start with Elisabet Sahtouris speaking on evolutionary leaps which spring from cooperation, the unification of formerly disparate organisms to create new life forms of massively greater complexity. Next Brian Willson recalls his unexpected empathic connection with a faceless victim of US napalm in Vietnam. In our second hour, we hear Jonathan Balcombe, author of Second Nature : The Inner Lives of Animals on the rich inner lives of animals, and why scientists are showing interest in them after ignoring them for so long. We conclude with a moving speech by Anita Burke on the role of forgiveness and love in changing corporate culture.

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Vigil to support the occupation of the Kent University Senate building!

29-12-2010 16:43

Information regarding a vigil in support of the occupation of the University of Kent Senate building.

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Preston Poverty: Figures

29-12-2010 14:32

New figures show the starkness of the growing inequality in Preston, Lancashire.

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East End community defender Kay Jordan

29-12-2010 01:11

Long standing community campaigner, architect and friend to ordinary people in need of help Kay Jordan left us in the evening of Tuesday 28 December 2010

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Anarchist lecture online - Tasos Sagris

29-12-2010 00:55

We are an image from the future
On the yearly Anarchist festival in Appelscha (NL) Tasos Sagris from Greece came to talk about the Greek Revolt. After some time we finally managed to get the talk online and want to share it with you.

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Postmodernism in the Streets: the tactics of protest are changing

28-12-2010 13:05

Whilst MPs voted for the privatisation of Higher Education on December 9th, another British institution – the protest march – was undergoing a transformative moment.

Outside, protesters caught in a police “containment area” were experiencing, many for the first time, a political education: that property comes before people; the rights of the former supersede those of the latter. The extent to which the mainstream media has mourned for windows and car doors, for the monarchy and the mausoleums, is more than facile hypocrisy. It is an indictment of a society which has internalised the value systems of capital to the point that a young student being arbitrarily batoned into brain surgery is largely ignored, and outrage is reserved for property vandalism over police violence. Yet ultimately, that violence is also an argument that we must change tack.

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Announcing 40 Scholarships in Authentic Journalism in Mexico, May 2011

28-12-2010 00:41

Narco News announces 40 scholarships for the 2011 session of the School of Authentic Journalism in Mexico.

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X3 - X-Tended Account

26-12-2010 16:15

A friends brilliant account of the student happenings.

Please read it on its full of different links that bring it too life!!!!

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"Dear Afghanistan:" A New Year's Call for Peace

26-12-2010 08:45

On New Year’s Day, 01/01/11, people around the world are invited to raise their voices, through Facebook, Twitter, Free Conference calls, Skype, and blogs at several websites in a massive refusal to accept this war any longer. Let your New Year’s resolution be to stand for the people and end wars by sending a digital or spoken peacemaking message to people in Afghanistan. By amassing millions of messages calling for peace, we can create yet another indication that ordinary people within and beyond Afghanistan have had enough of war.

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Help! Lives are in danger!

24-12-2010 14:21

Afghan and Iranianwomen and children seekingasylum in Greece beingbattered and assaultedby the elite units of the Greek police, right outside The Ministry of Citizen Protection. Asylum seekers, outside The United Nations High Commission for Refugees in Greece, have—once more—sewn their lips!

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Download! Dissident Island 17 December 2010

23-12-2010 11:15

Ready for Download now!!!

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Evo's Highway: Development in Socialist South America

23-12-2010 09:08

It sounds like something the IMF would have funded during the regime of General Banzer: a super highway cutting across Bolivia, linking Brazil with Peru and Chile—and thus with East Asian markets, and in the process plowing straight through a vitally important nature reserve that also happens to be the home of three indigenous nations.

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Only 5% of those from poorest backgrounds make it to university

22-12-2010 22:24

As one of those "poorest" pupils who did make to university, i might be expected to think myself lucky...

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More wikileaks dynamite.

22-12-2010 21:38

"The WikiLeaks cables illustrate the deeply anti-democratic nature of diplomacy between the US and New Zealand. They also highlight the potentially explosive tensions that have built up in the Pacific region between the US and its allies, and China. The corporate media, however, has sought to downplay their significance. The New Zealand Herald editorial yesterday asserted that there was nothing damaging in the cables to either the current National government or the previous Labour government. The paper praised the Clark Cabinet's “consideration of Fonterra's interest in Iraq”, describing it as “sensible, practical diplomacy”. The editors were unconcerned that the reasons for New Zealand’s involvement in the Iraq war were kept secret and applauded “the fact that the US quietly restored military co-operation” from 2007."