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a unique opportunity for filmakers.....don't miss it

18-07-2011 15:11

genocide in west papua has escaped the world's together with us to rise awareness to the world.....we have a lot of footage shot that needs to be made into a film

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Action Alert! Stop the prosecution of Sheila Farmer. Safety must be the priority

18-07-2011 14:08

Sheila Farmer is being put on trial for brothel-keeping on Monday 5 September at Croydon Crown Court. Please can you urgently write to stop the prosecution
to the addresses below.

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A Memorandum to the President of the Philippines

18-07-2011 10:42

MEMORANDUM FOR President Noynoy Aquino (PNoy)

FROM : Your boss, the Filipino people

SUBJECT : Your job evaluation and our recommendation

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Fictional Genital Wart More Popular Than EDL

17-07-2011 14:56

The English Defence League claim to have more members than the Liberal Democrats. But there is a new virus in town. The Genital Wart. In just under 54 hours the Genital Wart gained the same amount of members the EDL reached in 12 months.

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UG#559 - Famine, The Fruit of Disconnection (Jailing Gardeners, Raw Milk & Soil)

17-07-2011 02:38

A show on the 'developed' world's fundamental disconnection from the soil that ultimately sustains us all, with an emphasis on the insanity of modern US food laws. Julian Cribb on the global famines ahead, Ivan Illich on soil and virtue, David Gumpert on why FDA agents went undercover for a year to catch an Amish farmer accused of selling raw milk. Then Frederick Kaufman on global food market profiteering by Goldman Sachs and Patrick Holden from the UK soil association on organic food and use of direct action to escape the market model of food provision.

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Thousands of prisoners on hunger strike in the U.S. for 3rd week

16-07-2011 11:21

protests spreading in solidarity with prisoners in California and the mass hunger strike entering its third week

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Call-Out To Defend Social Centre Squat In Birmingham Against Asda

15-07-2011 21:49

Autonomous activists based in Birmingham are currently facing an injunction and eventual eviction for a local squat that was being prepared for a community centre.

Only having just moved into it eartoday, the landlord and police are already threatening the squatters and activists with an injunction for eviction, so that the building can be demolished and the land taken over to build a local ASDA supermarket store.

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Calais: three No Borders comrades acquitted

13-07-2011 12:14

Yesterday three of Calais No Borders walked away free from the court in Boulogne, after the judge found no evidence against them on charges of "rebellion" and "illegal occupation" connected with resistance to a police raid on Africa House on 21 April.

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Mass Arrestees during eviction in Amsterdam

13-07-2011 10:41

On tuesday 5th of July there were mass arrestees during the eviction wave in Amsterdam with 143 people being arrested

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Thousands turn out against EDL in Cambridge. Part 2

12-07-2011 19:56

F.I.T. Watched. Unlike them though, I publish what I shoot.
The police were careful to keep both demos very separate, and went to great lengths (and doubtless great expense, including keeping the copper chopper in the sky all afternoon), to ensure that each demo happened at opposite ends of town.

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Thousands turn out against EDL in Cambridge. Part 1

12-07-2011 19:31

Even a clown turned up!
Last Saturday (July 9th, 2011), the people of Cambridge voted en masse with their feet and took to the streets in response to their city being paid a visit by the English Defence League (EDL).

The EDL, who despite most of them having commuted into the town for their own demo on the same day, claimed to speak on behalf of the people of Cambridge by raising objections to plans to build a Mosque and Community Centre at the far end of Mill Road, to replace the smaller overcrowded one on Mawson Road.

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Anonymous Hacktivists Leak 90,000 US Military Emails

12-07-2011 09:56

Anonymous hacktivists have leaked 90,000 US military emails from Booz Allen Hamilton, a massive US military consulting firm. The leak was done in the name of #Antisec and includes 90,000 log-ins including personnel from US CENTCOM, SOCOM, US Marine Corp, various US Air Force facilities, US Dept of Homeland Security & private sector contracors. The data has been made available by Anonymous as a downloadable torrent.

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Murdoch Empire and Tax Avoidance in UK

11-07-2011 13:16

Adding more fuel into the rising cesspool of the UK's political classes - politicians and powermongers of the main news media conglomerates, is, of course, Murdoch's non-payment and active avoidance of millions of pounds worth of tax. Squaring the growing total crisis of legitimacy of the ruling regime with the current financial crisis and the vast and unfair programme of cuts might make political sense right now.

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Have you ever squatted the heart of the beast?

10-07-2011 18:24

In the past couple of days, a group of people in Vienna, fed up of the increasing daily repression of life and the lack of free social space, have taken over an abandoned building in the Ottakring part of the city.

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Our swoop cometh! Glos eco-village meeting list.

10-07-2011 15:22

The next Gloucestershire eco-village meeting list... Get in touch now, if you'd like to have a more "active" role on the day!

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Deaths from Self-Harm in immigration detention, murder, undetermined

09-07-2011 12:14

Remember the dead - Justice for the Living - End Immigration Detention Now