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a unique opportunity for filmakers.....don't miss it

styrik norray | 18.07.2011 15:11 | Repression | Social Struggles

genocide in west papua has escaped the world's together with us to rise awareness to the world.....we have a lot of footage shot that needs to be made into a film

i recently spent three months in occupied west papua collecting testimonies from human rights abuse victims, young professionals, tribal elders, students, mamas, political prisoners, as well as a wealth of archive and other footage......i went there with an idea in mind for a fim but have become a little over whelmed with the amount of footage i have....the situation in west papua is not well known......the world needs to know and to help.....this is an opportunity to make a film that has never been made before.....whether it be a film about the illegal 1969 referendum on independence, environmental issues, economic inequalities, womens rights, politics, human rights, we have a huge amount of first hand accounts and testimonies to make a film o any or all of these subjects.....this really is a unique opportunity to tell an unknown story with quality will be able to take all credit for the production of this film......if you are interested please contact me, on .....i await your response.....thanks

styrik norray
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