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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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What If...The Population Stopped Growing?

07-08-2006 23:24

Population growth is the most pressing environmental problem we face, or is it?

Would the planet really be saved if the population stopped growing?

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Day of Rage against Brighton Arms Dealers Supply of Weapons For War Crimes

07-08-2006 22:06

Smash EDO Press Release
Embargo – For Immediate Release
8th August 2006
Press Contacts – Andrew Beckett and Sarah Johnson
Tel 07875 708873
Email –
See for more details

Day of Rage against Brighton Arms Manufacturers’ Supply of Weapons For War Crimes in Gaza and Lebanon

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Also stop the City of London's social war on the local communities

07-08-2006 17:59

Thousands of people, families, individuals, are being made poorer. Many are being made destitute.

Others are being driven out of what small shops or businesses they had managed to set up to survive

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Skidrow-on-Sea approves tower block on Brighton Marina

07-08-2006 14:46

Skidrow-on-Sea, or Brighton and Hove Council as it is sometimes known, has approved plans for a 40-storey tower block on Brighton Marina.

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US/ Israeli Genocide in Lebanon: open letter by former PM

07-08-2006 11:42

Mr. Bush: You are indeed a terrorist practicing the worst variant of terrorism as you condone the annihilation of my country, supporting the aggression against my people politically and diplomatically and bolstering 'Israel's' destructive arsenal with the most lethal weaponry.

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In Tribute to Fidel Castro

07-08-2006 05:08

Part I, "In Tribute to Fidel Castro", lists some of his extraordinary, truly astonishing achievements. Part II asks, "How can We best Honor Him?", and answers with an Action Plan designed to defeat the Corporation-Government-corporate Mass Media axis that threatens all of us with an international Fascist strait-jacket.

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CIA Soros attacks Lebanese resistance

06-08-2006 11:10

The Lebanese RESISTANCE must immediately stop firing rockets into civilian areas in Israel, Soros' New York-based fake 'Human Rights Watch' says, calling the attacks ''a war crime''.The victims are blamed for defending themselves? 'Human Rights Watch' is a sham.

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Brutal Arrests on Pro-Lebanon Protest (05.08.06)

06-08-2006 10:43

Outside the American Emassy
Brutal Arrests on Pro-Lebanon Protest yesterday (05.08.06) outside the American Embassy and then (not so brutal) later on at Dowing Street.

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Talk Tank - weekly news com. mp3

06-08-2006 04:14

This week [again] political and environmentally focussed items. length: 59 mins. mono 32 kb/s 14 MB

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Public Transit Could Transform The Quality Of Life For Workers And The Environme

06-08-2006 00:46

Having destroyed it once, public transit, like health care and education, is a project that US capitalism is incapable of providing its citizens.

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Photos: Pro-Lebanon Protest in London. (05.08.06)

06-08-2006 00:30

Photos of the Pro-Lebanon Protest in London today. (05.08.06)

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Sacked Liverpool Dockers Call For Sanctions Against Israel

05-08-2006 22:22

On behalf of Merseyside trade unionists the Sacked Liverpool
Dockworkers have been asked to circulate, coordinate and collate all
responses to this message.

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Des Warren Remembered in Liverpool

05-08-2006 21:25

More than fifty activists from around the country piled into the meeting room of Liverpool’s Casa this afternoon. They were commemorating the late trade union activist Des Warren, and launching a campaign for an inquiry into his arrest, trial and the ‘medication’ he received in prison – which led to Parkinson’s disease and his death in 2004.

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Poor and Elderly Die in California Heat Wave

05-08-2006 17:34

California refuses to provide air conditioners for the elderly and frail as the US spends $11 million and hour in Iraq.

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Public Transit Could Transform The Quality Of Life For Workers And The Environme

05-08-2006 17:19

Having destroyed it once, public transit, like health care and education, is a service that US capitalism is incapable of providing its citizens.

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Wikipedia Brighton page embroiled in controversy

05-08-2006 13:22

The Wikipedia page on Brighton has become embroiled in controversy following a link to a page on Brighton.

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Is America [& Australia] Watching a Different War? [Yep!]

05-08-2006 02:06

Deep Shit News
Is America Watching a Different War? American, Lebanese and Israeli Panel on How the US Media is Covering the Invasion of Lebanon

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05-08-2006 01:10

In early March, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) held its forty-seventh annual conference in Washington.

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Spare Beds Seen as Problem in Chester Foundation Hospital

04-08-2006 18:46

At last, some good news in the NHS - the Countess of Chester hospital has fifty more beds than they need! But the bosses in the market-driven foundation hospital actually see this as a problem, so the beds are to be axed!

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OutRage!: 10 Arabs face execution on Iran

04-08-2006 16:10

OutRage! issues statement in support of 10 Arabs who face execution in Iran. Urges immediate action to stop these happening....

ps:Twiglet..who says we dont support people other than gays in Iran etc facing similar fates ...)