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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Farmers and Activists blockade Sainsbury's HQ

30-11-2004 17:38

Farmers and GM activists blockaded Sainsburys HQ yesterday afternoon over the stores failure to phase out GM feed to the cows which produce it’s milk, and in protest over the low price paid to dairy farmers.

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Stop the sale of Hebden's Pit Street Pool

30-11-2004 16:30

Take action (today and tomorrow in Hebden and Manchester) to stop Calderdale Council auctioning off Hebden Bridge's Pitt Street Swimming Pool at manchester airport tomorrow.

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Demonstration at immigration detention centre in Oxfordshire

30-11-2004 14:45

Last Saturday 27th November, between 50 and 100 people gathered outside Campsfield Removal Centre to demonstrate about the unjust imprisonment of migrants which has now been happening at Campsfield for eleven years.

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Holding Islamic Preachers Accountable

30-11-2004 14:25

Free Muslims start petition to punish religious leaders who preach violence and justify terrorism

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Soladarity action with Can Masdeu a squat in Barcelona

30-11-2004 13:52

Activist from Can Masdeu blockaded the spanish embassy today in soladarity with their mates who are in court today as the state tries to uses the law to commit more environmental and social destruction.

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The USA & Economic Terrorism: TLC/AFTA/WTO

30-11-2004 06:06

From Chile to You - HAtred Grows
USA people grow fat off the mass murder terrorristic policies of their government. 90 % of US people and all of the political parties are pro-AFTA , free trade and WTO. Time that the world recognizes that the USA is dangerous, W Bush is the real terrorist, and the greed-based denial of most USA people guarantees the continued denial that these free trade programs and USA foreign policies are just like the war in IRAQ – a terrorism of mindless evil...hope that Latin Americans are not deluded. We hope that it is not too late for them to grasp that help will never come from anyone in the USA.

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Dissent! Gathering in Newcastle this weekend!

30-11-2004 00:56

Dissent! Gathering
( Network of Resistance Against the G8 )
Newcastle 4th & 5th December 2004

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Bush,The Bible-Ol'Leviticus & gays

29-11-2004 17:11

Amusing item that was sent around by Email. Please feel free to further circulate.

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Free Lunch Paid For By New Deal......But We're Not Invited.

29-11-2004 15:05

Free Lunch Paid For By New Deal...But You're NOT Invited!

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Solidarity South Pacific - BENEFIT DINNER!

29-11-2004 13:33

SSP Benifit Dinner @ Maelstom.

Solidarity South Pacific was born from the radical eco-movement that aids west papuan tribal resistance, 'Earth First!' groups, tribal, eco struggle in the philippines and the revolution in Bougainville.

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29-11-2004 05:10

Recently, I was involved in a project that required a visit to every
Independent Media Center in the country. I learned of an enormous
movement happening across the United States that literally astounded
me. There are protests and marches in every major city in
the country.

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After The Tenerife Demonstration

28-11-2004 21:42

poca cosa ;-)
When the head of the march arrived at the Presidency of the Government its tail had still not reached the García Sanabria Park.

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28-11-2004 13:42

Organize support and international solidarity for the campaign of Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi as the next president of Palestine.

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NueVa PáGina y NueVo correo del Colectivo Nuevo Proyecto Histórico.

28-11-2004 08:32

 Materiales de los Movimientos de Trabajadores Desocupados (MTD´S), asambleas y empresas recuperadas. Debates y textos de coyuntura.

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turk gets 10 months jail for collating Kurd Stuff on DmOz

28-11-2004 08:25

makne writes "H. Ertas, a Turkish editor of the Open Directory Project ( has been sentenced to 10 months in prison after being found guilty of editing a category about the Kurdish Workers Party (PKK)..."

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Call for Solidarity with the people of the Canary Islands

26-11-2004 16:59

Demonstration Sat 27th November
We call for solidarity with this struggle, especially we address ourselves to social groups and collectives, we request that this support may arrive for the demonstration of the 27th. Please send your expressions of support with the mobilized citizens at yaestabien_asambleaportenerife (AT), specially of social groups (Workers' Committees, Unions, Voluntary Groups, Youth Organizations...) or as a private individual.


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Bring the War Home communique

26-11-2004 12:59

This is a primer written by anonymous authors under the banner heading of Bring The War Home. It is a discussion piece about organising direct action against the occupation of Iraq and those who support it.

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legalservices ombudsman

25-11-2004 19:41

will be heard in an appeal at the civil appeals on 1st December 2004 - the public is invited!
this time i intend to play the recording of a complete conversation that will prove foul play!

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Hackney Council's "consultation" on privatising council housing

25-11-2004 12:54

Council Tenants in Hackney have recently received a "test of opinion" questionnaire from the Council. This gives 3 options which will lead to the privatisation of council housing, and one grudging option for tenants to remain with the council.

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The After Dutroux Belgium: Tiffany Warnotte

25-11-2004 09:55

Justice has not changed after the case Dutroux. Parents of missing children still remain without defense insured by basic human rights.