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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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End this injustice - third attempt to remove Anselme Noumbiwa!

22-10-2008 09:24

Anselme Noumbiwa, a Cameroon national and resident of Tees Valley, is currently detained in Harmondsworth IRC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK tomorrow Thursday 23rd October at 06:15 on British Airways flight BA 302 to Paris and then Air France flight AF940 to Yaoundé, Cameroon @ 10:25.

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Workers on strike at Nottingham Trent University

22-10-2008 07:15

Yesterday, University and Colleges Union (UCU) members were on strike at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). Notts Indymedia interviewed the chair of NTU UCU, Brian Ward, to find out what's happening.

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UK teachers ballot for campaign of industrial action

22-10-2008 01:34

A quarter of a million teachers in the NUT are being balloted for a campaign of discontinuous industrial action over a three-year below inflation pay offer.

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Civil servants back industrial action over pay

22-10-2008 01:32

A prolonged programme of industrial action, hitting civil and public services across the UK moved a step closer today, as PCS members backed strike action in a dispute over the government's 2% public sector pay cap.

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Work to rule starts to bite at Criminal Records Bureau

22-10-2008 01:31

Industrial action by 450 workers at the Criminal Records Bureau in Liverpool is causing major backlogs in work according to managers.

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Recent Wave of Italian Protests? Any news?

21-10-2008 22:57

Anyone got any useful info on the recent wave of protests by students and union members in Italy in the last month? 'Last week university students and lecturers joined for the first time in a growing wave of protests against cuts and reforms imposed by Berlusconi's young education minister, Mariastella Gelmini. Following sit-ins and marches, the main trade union federations have called for a one-day general education strike on October 30' (The Guardian).

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The Sickened State of The Federal Government

21-10-2008 21:01

TWO WARS; A 100,00 Missing Arms and Legs; A Million Young People Killing and Being Killed; A Million Broken Lives; Torture; Illegal Imprisonment; Court Appointed President; Terrorist WAR; Drug WAR; Immigration WAR on "Aliens"; Federal Government Border Patrol Checkpoints; Failing Economic Model of Debt Appreciation; Federal IRS Property Confiscation; EARMARKS;

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SAVE the rampART

21-10-2008 16:33

rampART londons longest lasting liberated space is facing eviction.

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Labour scapegoats immigrants for the financial crash

21-10-2008 13:58

Phil Woolas has made clear how the Brown Labour government intends to try and divert attention from its multibillion pay-out for Britain’s banks and the super-rich by scapegoating migrants.

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Why 3 out of 4 White Supremacists Support Barack Obama

21-10-2008 12:32

How do racists, anti-Semites and all-purpose hate-mongers view the possibility of America’s first black president? Not necessarily the way you think they would.

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The truth about the Bulgarian Government

21-10-2008 03:03

This is a song made my the Sofia student underground movement. All the songs that we have made has been baned from Tv, Radio and is not allowed to be sold in any music stores. This is the type of Democracy that we have in our country...

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UK Zapatista Planning/Discussion Tues 21st UCL

20-10-2008 22:50

To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Zapatista Army for National Liberation (EZLN) the Zapatista are now convoking the first 'Global Festival of Dignified Rage' to be held in Mexico on the 26th-29th December 2008.

The Other Campaign : Government from Below and to the Left, Everywhere

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Torture conditions in U.S. prisons

20-10-2008 22:12

Gabriel Gonzalez was 21 years old when he was sentenced to die for the murder of a pawnshop owner, a crime that he insists he did not commit. Along with Kenneth Foster Jr. and Rob Will, Gabriel co-founded the Death Row Inner-communalist Vanguard Engagement (DRIVE) Movement, which engages in nonviolent, direct action protest to fight for better conditions on death row and in opposition to capital punishment.
Here, Gabriel describes the effects of isolation and segregation on prisoners.
THE U.S. criminal justice system is remarkably ineffective, absurdly expensive, grossly inhumane and riddled with racism. The slaughter of youth of color characterizes many big city police departments. Sentencing practices have led to the imprisonment of over 2 million people in state and federal facilities, with another 3.5 million under other forms of social control.

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Picnic In The Park - The Sequel

20-10-2008 20:08

A new open cast coal mine site is about to get underway in beautiful Derbyshire unless we stop it now.

To combat open cast mining "Leave it in the Ground" supported by Earth First! invites you to a second Picnic in the Park for a mass trespass to see it before the destruction starts, meet the locals and have fun. So come and Discover Derbyshire!

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Join NPL-Amey cleaner protest Oct 22

20-10-2008 18:07

This is to invite you to our next action in support of the five sacked Colombian cleaners working for Amey Plc at the National Physical Laboratory (NPL). ( see background story at )

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Oaxacan Activists Arrested for the Murder of Brad Will

20-10-2008 17:22

The real murderers
Mexican federal police arrested five Oaxacan activists on Thursday afternoon. At least two were arrested for supposedly murdering US citizen and Indymedia journalist Brad Will on October 27, 2006.

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Price Reduction Campaign - We won't pay for their crisis

20-10-2008 15:47

The idea of Price Reduction is born out of the need to express the antagonisms which exist by an increasingly unaffordable existence and the rise in commodity prices. This is an antagonism which we face whenever we buy and consume the food, services, rents, culture, entertainment.

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Anarchist Bookfair 2008

20-10-2008 14:08

Autumn, the leaves turning golden, the Anarchist Bookfair. Stepney in East London, Saturday 18 October 2008.

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NHS workers balloting for industrial action

20-10-2008 13:37

Thousands of members of the Unite union working in the National Health Service are being asked if they will take action, including strike action over a three-year below inflation pay offer.

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Films Against Work! 'Time Out' Sun 26th Oct, South London, Free

20-10-2008 12:53

Complete Unemployment Cinema present our next fantastic free screening: ‘TIME OUT’ (France, 2001)