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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Severn Trent Caribbean!

27-08-2003 17:23

Remember Severn Trent (those fortunate to be outsode their catchment area) ?

THey wanted gardens paved up so water could be saved!
Well their dim brains are at work raping the Caribbean it seems.

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Update from Palestine

27-08-2003 11:16

This is an update that was sent to the Cambridge IMC from a friend regarding the current situation in Palestine.

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Letter from a friend in Hebron

27-08-2003 11:09

This letter was sent to us by a friend in Palestine.

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Attack on trade union activist in Colombia

26-08-2003 23:01

campaign against coca-cola
of paula - 26.08.2003 06:39

The president of the trade union umbrella organization CUT, Juan Carlos Galvis, was attacked in Barrancabemeja by two men, near the office of the CUT in Barrancabermeja, on the 22 August at 12 o'clock at noon.


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Mass arrests in Colombia

26-08-2003 22:48

military operation in Arauca, Colombia
of paula - 26.08.2003 06:33

In the framework of a huge military operation, carried out by the district attorney's office Saravenas, army and CTI (police units), the flats of numerous social activists in Saravena were raided and many persons have been arrested on the 21st of August 2003.


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Oxford Council attacks trade unionist

26-08-2003 15:53

Oxford Council is trying to prevent one of its employees from attending TUC conference.

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10 Euro per person for the Iraqi Resistance

25-08-2003 12:21

An internationalist campaign

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Caracas in red

24-08-2003 12:52

In Venezuela, this week opposition and left have demonstrated against or for the government. Today, this Saturday, Caracas was a sea in red.

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Discussion for parents, teachers, and concerned people...

23-08-2003 17:07

a doorway...
Ground floor educational reform, discussion, and debate...

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New! Indepth Report on WTO now online

22-08-2003 19:30

"Neoliberal Globalization: Cancun and Beyond" a new 24-page in-depth report on the WTO, published by Action for Social and Ecological Justice (ASEJ) in the USA, written by Aziz Choudry, is now available for download, online at Further details below.

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News from Nablus

22-08-2003 17:48

Yesterday morning Israeli forces imposed a curfew on the Old City of Nablus, announced on local television and radio, in response to the third suicide attack in the last 7 days, this time in Jerusalem. Tanks, jeeps and other IDF vehicles entered the city to enforce the curfew and carry out searches for Hamas members thought to be hiding in the city. 14 men have been reported arrested; one 16 year old boy was found in possession of explosives.

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22-08-2003 15:06


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Take Action to Support Sacked Mexican Garment Workers

22-08-2003 11:00

Just follow this link to send a message to the manager of Tarrant Garments in Mexico, protesting at his harassment of union members and sacking of activists.

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Fight back against british waterways

21-08-2003 19:31

Your freedom to roam the waterways of britain is about to be curtailed by a new law.

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Hamburg, Germany: Celebrations as right-wing minister must go

20-08-2003 15:21

Parties and celebrations took place in Hamburg, northern Germany, last night, as the local home office secretary - Ronald Schill - was sacked, due to scandals and mismanagement within the Hamburg city council. Mr Schill, the leader of a new far-right party, was the vice mayor and responsible for recent heavy repression against left-wing/alternative groups and social movements in Hamburg, including the eviction of the Bambule trailer park, which had led to a wave of protests and demonstrations.

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Iron Mike from Manchester - Sooo Shocked!

20-08-2003 10:17

Could they perhaps be related?
"Iron" Mike Todd, Manchester's Chief Constable has been flexing his muscles. A leading article in the Evening news is sure to alienate him from his staff as he slags off their interview techniques as a bit basic.

"FANS of TV shows like The Bill may have a better chance of nailing criminals than some police officers, says Greater Manchester's Chief Constable Mike Todd."

Maybe he takes his advanced technique from a well known camp Tv personality famous for his intrusive but humourous interviewing skills. Soon maybe all of Manchester's police will be Sooo Mike Todd.

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Fear & Loathing in Yanun, Palestine

20-08-2003 09:02

A delegation from the Scottish Palestine Solidarity Campaign went to Yanun village in occupied Palestine. We listened to compelling evidence of crimes committed against them by settlers and then found open testimony from the same setlers concerning their genocidal intentions towards their Palestinian neighbours.

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Intern 1157

19-08-2003 21:18

this week's news from those who squat in old europe.
Intern 1557 of La Vernada Internment centre Barcelona
is Mr. Yerko Toro Contreras.
He was arrested after a protest in front of Barcelona's council last week he is the spokesperson of 600 immigrants who are squatting ex army barracks in the St. Andreu area of Barcelona city.

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European Social Forum: how to get involved

19-08-2003 13:23

The European Social Forum is intended as a space to discuss international actions against neoliberalism and share local strategies for combating its effects. This is how you can get involved.

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Oxford Councillor condemns anti-poverty campaigners

19-08-2003 13:18

The Oxford Trade Justice Coalition, a broad grouping of NGOs, religious groups and unions seeking to highlight the injustices of the current world trade system, have received a rebuff from the Leader of the Conservative Group on Oxfordshire County Council.