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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Highway robbery

05-08-2008 15:11

Across the country local councils are committing highway robbery, robbing people blind with unlawful traffic and parking schemes.

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Agrofuels Tug-of-War

05-08-2008 15:07

Campaigners staged a tug-of-war representing the conflict between the agrofuel industry and starving people over the world's limited food resources.

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Bardon Aggregates hit again!

05-08-2008 13:27

Bardon Aggregates Plant takes heavy damage in response to Glensanda Quarry

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Scargill at Climate Camp

05-08-2008 11:19

Arthur Scargill, former General Secretary of the National Union of Miners, spoke at Climate Camp on Monday outlining a proposed energy policy consisting of 'clean coal', and development of renewable sources of energy.

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PHILIPPINES: Open Letter to the NPA General Command and the NDF

05-08-2008 10:25

We, the undersigned, condemn in the strongest possible terms the recent spate of killings of farmers and farmer-leaders in Masbate, perpetrated by individuals identified as belonging to the local command of the New People’s Army.

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The dreams of a community cut short by corporate greed.

05-08-2008 02:27

The camera never lies, so the saying goes, well, even though it is not strictly 'news', I thought I should publish for you the truth of something as it is now, so here are some pictures of what is left of Mill Road Social Centre after the Tescos bailiffs have had their wicked way.

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Action Committee News Conference on the next step in the campaign

05-08-2008 00:21

More than 2000 mainly UK Bangladeshis were robbed of their hard earned cash via an outfit called 'First Solutions' the details of which theft became known in the end of June 2007. 14 months on, most of the people have not got their money back

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Occupation of ARK by Wembley teachers in pictures.

04-08-2008 16:29

"Lets go to work..."
On Friday teachers from Wembley who are militantly opposed to their local sports ground being turned into a Thatcher inspired nightmare called ‘City Academy’ occupied the offices of ARK the company who will immediately benefit from this appalling decision.

Shit that’s a long sentence, my English teacher would be disgusted…. anyway the teachers in question are just a little bit tired of not having their calls returned. So decided to make their representations in person.

Details and further hilarity below:

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Aldershot town centre regeneration

04-08-2008 14:44

artist's impression of proposed Westgate development
The Labour group at the Rotten Borough of Rushmoor has discovered the blindingly obvious, that Aldershot has a failing town centre!

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Artists jailed for bringing colour to shitty cities.

04-08-2008 10:29

brightening up dull trains
Members of the DPM crew were jailed for up to 2 years for making dull shitty city scapes brighter and more colourful spaces.
As they start a prison sentence, pictures of their work are to be exhibited in a New York art gallery. So are they vandals or frustrated artists?

myspace page explaining more

Petition to present at appeal to try and get reduced sentences here

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Wembley Sports Ground Occupation Being Evicted: protestors physically assaulted

04-08-2008 06:26

Baliffs have used heavy-handed force to evict protestors at the anti-Academy occupation of Wembley Sports Ground this morning, with allegations of physical assault. Members of the press have also been physically assaulted. There is video evidence.

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Wembley Park Sports Ground Camp and Business Eviction 5am Tomorrow

03-08-2008 22:05

Brent Council will enter Wembley Sports Ground 5am tomorrow morning with police backup to evict the GRASS protestors and the businesses who refused last week's eviciton orders.

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ska pfhunk reggea&chillout against fascism 9th august in the city that Rockx

03-08-2008 13:09

9th August, benefit @ the newly refitted & expanded Maze-Forest Tavern nightclub Nottingham.
Jimmy the Squirrel

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Zvayi says he makes no apology for supporting Zanu PF

03-08-2008 01:08

“I make no apologies for supporting Zanu PF because I subscribe to its Pan African values," Zvayi told The Botswana Gazette yesterday.

“I will never support the (Movement for Democratic Change) MDC as currently constituted because to me it is a counter-revolutionary Trojan horse that is working with outsiders to subvert the logical conclusion of the Zimbabwean revolution,” said Zvayi.

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"What About the Black Community, Obama?"

03-08-2008 00:32

Uhuru Movement confronts Obama
Uhuru Movement challenges Obama at town hall meeting in St. Petersburg, Florida (US) on unwillingness to speak to African community interests.

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Support the Eco-Prisoners - August 2008

03-08-2008 00:02

Welcome to the August 2008 edition of Spirit of Freedom. As people will soon see, ELP's prisoner lists have grown yet again. If we exclude the Geek anarchist, Vaggelis Botzatzis, and the two Americans Richard Sills and Michael Sykes (all of whom are listed by ELP as 'Other Prisoners'), there are now 40 listed animal & earth liberation prisoners in Europe & America.

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Demonstrate Against Britain's Racist Immigration Laws

02-08-2008 17:36

Show solidarity with asylum seekers and immigrants

Outside the UK Immigration Service Communications House
210 Old Street, London , EC1V 9BR
(nearest tube – Old Street )

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Scottish council workers set strike date

02-08-2008 17:17

150,000 Scottish council employees in Unison, Unite and the GMB have set a date for their strike action over a sub-inflation pay offer which would see schools shut, rubbish uncollected and other frontline services hit.

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The duty of local councils to consult

01-08-2008 15:39

Local councils have a duty to consult. This is not a nicety, or a nod to local democracy or public participation, it is a legal requirement.

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Support AR/SHAC Prisoner Dan Amos

01-08-2008 10:21

Please write to Dan and show him your support:

Daniel Amos (VN7818), HMP Exeter, 30 New North Road, Exeter. EX4 4EX