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Wembley Park Sports Ground Camp and Business Eviction 5am Tomorrow

GRASS | 03.08.2008 22:05 | Education | Free Spaces | Social Struggles | London

Brent Council will enter Wembley Sports Ground 5am tomorrow morning with police backup to evict the GRASS protestors and the businesses who refused last week's eviciton orders.

The businesses refused to leave last week after guarantees by Brent Council to relocate them never occured. The eviction orders gave them only 48-hours to pack up their businesses and vacate.

Grass Roots Alliance for Social Sports (GRASS) have also refused to leave, stating they are commited to peacefully resisting the council and Academy school private investor ARK to save the sports fields for the community.

ARK, a children's "charity", founded by multimillionaire French/Swiss financier Arpad "Aki" Busson want the site for their next privatised Academy school.

The eviction and resistance will commence at 5am, Monday 4 August 2008, tomorrow.