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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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INTELLIGENCE REPORT: US "private military contractors" already in Venezuela

15-10-2005 19:58

Intelligence agencies are revealing that US private military contractors, active in Colombia "under various contract umbrellas, including counter-narcotics and counter-insurgency" are building up to yet another attempted coup d'etat against Venezuela's President Hugo Chavez.

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Morocco: Deportations going on!

14-10-2005 22:49

People from Africa are trying to enter Spanish territory; many have been deported to the desert, battle is still going on; death of several persons has been approved. Help needed.

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Solidarity critical mass - Bristol 28 October

14-10-2005 17:57

A bunch of Bristol campaigners concerned about issues such as climate change, pollution, transport policy, wars & peace, and the current crackdown on civil liberties and expressions of dissent (see for info about the attacks on civil liberties and on London’s critical mass), have decided to call for a one-off solidarity & celebratory critical mass ride in Bristol on 28 October.

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Colombian women's rights activist to speak at Sumac centre

14-10-2005 17:17

Jackeline Rojas, organiser for Colombian women's rights organisation, Femenina Popular, is speaking in Nottingham on Monday, 24 October at the Sumac Centre. She'll be joined by Andy Higginbottom, national secretary of the Colombia Solidarity Campaign.

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Deaths in Custody: Remembrance Procession – Birmingham coach details

14-10-2005 16:40

Between 1969 and 1999 over one thousand people died in police custody in England. Not one police officer has ever been convicted for any of these deaths.

Saturday 29th October 2005 is the United Friends and Family Campaign’s annual Remembrance Procession in London for those who have died in custody.

Book your return coach seat to the annual rally & procession of the United Families & Friends Campaign.

Reservations close at 5pm on 22nd October subject to availability.

For further details follow this link:

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Iraq shuts down as early voting starts

14-10-2005 15:57

US and Iraqi forces stepped-up security across Iraq on Thursday and prepared to impose an overnight curfew in an effort to reduce insurgent attacks aimed at wrecking this weekend's constitutional referendum.

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Nestlé trade union leader murdered - Another reason to boycott Nestles

14-10-2005 10:18

Nestle trade union leader Diosdado Fortuna has been murdered and Nestlé had the motive. Nestle baby killers (baby milk) - human rights abuses.

The workers has been on strike since Jan. 14, 2002 after talks with management failed. Meliton Roxas who led the union before Fortuna was also murdered, in front of the Nestlé factory.

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New Tribes Mission sent packing from Venezuela

14-10-2005 09:53

Yesterday the Venezuelan president Chavez announced that the controversial American Christian missionary group 'New Tribes Mission' were to stop their activities with the countries indigenous communities. The NTM's website states that the organisation is to be 'expelled from the country. [Chavez] did not indicate a specific time, but did say it would be done in an orderly manner.'

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Ignored Tensions in the Horn of Africa

14-10-2005 09:51

Conflict is brewing once again between Eritrea and Ethiopia, and no-one is watching.

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Friday 14th: Latin-American Solidarity Film Night

13-10-2005 20:47

Film-night plus discussions/food/beer, just down from 56@ InfoShop

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Gone with the Wind - the sequel!

13-10-2005 14:58

Dovey road meets Passey Rd
Well they said it wouldn't happen again- even I beleived them!

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European United Left to challenge Blair's "social model"

13-10-2005 14:46

A social model for Europe
GUE/NGL conference in London

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Romani Media Channel Launched

13-10-2005 12:08

Romani Radio initiative announced and maiden programme now available as archive

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Boatyard In Court

13-10-2005 11:03

We have finally recieved a date for the courtcase for the eviction hearing. On the 26th of October at the Oxford county court we will be defending the legal case for the boatyard.

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Happy Ever After...

13-10-2005 10:28

A conspiracy nutter rant!

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Ford Day of Action - Nov. 12th

13-10-2005 04:08

Day of Intervention : November 12, 2005
Tell Ford to Get Serious About Breaking North America 's Addiction to Oil

If you are planning to participate in the day of action contact Mike Hudema at itstimetoriseup (at) or 1-800-497-1994.

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Mistakes will be made

12-10-2005 21:59

Terrifying New Terror Laws!

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Public Meeting: Indigenous Resistance - Chiapas & West Papua, Wed 19th October!

12-10-2005 21:56

Speakers include:

Exiled tribal leader Benny Wenda and author of 'One No, Many Yeses' Paul Kingsnorth from the 'Free West Papua' campaign and activists from the Zapatista solidarity group 'Kiptik', who do direct solidarity work in Chiapas, Southeast Mexico.

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12-10-2005 14:29

Leaflet for Film Showing
On Monday 7th November Leeds Alliance for Workers Liberty will be hosting a showing of Eisensteins classic film of the October Revolution, "October", followed by a short discussion.

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No N25 - Anti road meeting report

12-10-2005 12:15

On Friday 7th of October the Norwich No N25 Campaign held a meeting in Blythe Jacks School.