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Manchester Free Software Talk: Richard Rothwell, M6-IT, 20th May 2008

19-05-2008 17:04

Manchester Free Software present a talk by Richard Rothwell from M6-IT Community Interest Company - "Software Freedom for the Education and Voluntary Sector" on Sustainable Education Solutions, at MDDA at 7pm on Tuesday 20th May 2008.

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MAYDAY Magazine meeting 24th May midday Newcastle

19-05-2008 14:53

Advertising a progressive political meeting and trying to take the working class movement forward and towards better politics.

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Call for submissions against Shell pipeline- DEADLINE WED 25th JUNE

19-05-2008 13:55

what's at stake
Now Shell have applied for planning for their 'new' pipeline route, we must act swiftly to oppose it at every stage. Everyone can make submissions! This entire project has been the cause of untold misery, strife and unhappiness for our families and community. We will continue to resist Shell through every legal, political and campaigning means open to us, even though this could lead to more years of unnecessary conflict. Please support us!

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From Berlin to Kehl and Strasbourg: Block NATO!

19-05-2008 11:12

Against the meeting of the “NATO Parlamentarian Assembly” in Berlin
Rally and bicycle parade May 24, 1pm

This year’s annual NATO conference in Bucharest has taken the decision to celebrate NATO’s "60th anniversary" in France and Germany in 2009. The precise date remains unclear, but it will be held in spring 2009 in the border cities of Strasbourg and Kehl. NATO strategists have already stressed the importance of next year’s summit. They have made the proposal to ratify a new strategic concept that includes nuclear first strikes to keep or get access to resources and a civil-military approach to counter-insurgency.

Europe is at war - even if the bombs are falling several thousands of kilometres away. Because of NATO, the US maintains bases for military interventions worldwide. Nuclear weapons are still deployed in Europe. NATO membership implies participation in military interventions all over the world, directly with national forces, indirectly from military bases, or through logistical support for foreign troops.

Like the G8, NATO is an important player for the "Global Security Architecture".

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BNP attempt martyrdom operation in Glasgow

19-05-2008 00:40

BNP members outside Borders
BNP members returned to Buchanan Street at the weekend. Ostensibly there to sell papers, their choice of location suggests they're more interested in provoking confrontation with the non-fascist groups whose regular pitch it is. They left in the back of a police van.

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Italy's Romani Purge & Shengen 2's biometric database : a Q&A

17-05-2008 18:23

By now much of the English human rights' orientated readership are aware of the ongoing pogrom against Romani gypsies in Italy. A process which has seen camps burnt in Naples and Milan, a story of child snatching faked and prompted weak condemnation from the EU of mass expulsions. Whenever the swamp filth of hatred is agitated so effectively at so many levels of any society it is wise to look for other agenda. It's even wiser to suggest such other agenda in a silly and ironic way. Thus I offer a short Q&A to readers who might like to understand where all this is going... November 2009 implementation of biometric and other database requirements for all nonEU humans within our fortress.

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May 31st | Direct Action for Project 2012

17-05-2008 18:21

First Project 2012 Workshop & Direct Action Video Session
Saturday 31st May 2-5pm
Conservatory Café, Methodist Central Hall, Near Parliament Square, Westminster

Please do personally forward to others who you think might be interested in rights, resistance and self-determination discourse and strategy..

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Irish Redress Board just like 'Russian Show Trials'

17-05-2008 15:00

Could The Irish Residential Institutions Redress Board be remembered in history as being one of the most draconian institutions ever put together by the Irish Government ? Will the truth ever be known about its credibility and its ability to encourage unscrupulous people to lie,give false information and combine their statement and its office to destroy innocent men women and children ? Despite many obvious fundamental flaws enshrined in its makeup.Honorable people continue to work in and operate under a wall of protection, collusion,suspicion and secrecy.

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Safeguard Zimbabwe's sovereignty, journalists urged by palestinian ambassador

17-05-2008 02:59

Yes, it seems there is a palestinian ambassador to Zimbabwe. And he has come out in defence of Zimbabwes sovereignty, shaming the left wing in europe

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British firm 'polishes up' Tsvangirai for presidency

17-05-2008 00:39

Once again we see foreigners ninterfering in the internal elections of a third world country. The.y dont dare allow the people elect a president who would be independent of foreign control.

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Justice for cleaners demonstrate against AON

16-05-2008 22:52

Handing out whistles
Justice for Cleaners have organised a week of actions against companies in London who employ contract cleaners who pay their workers less than a living wage. Pictures and text from demonstration at Devonshire Square, London EC2 on Thursday 15 May, 2008. Pictures copyright (C) 2008, Peter Marshall

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Science museum in strike ballot

16-05-2008 21:03

National Science Museum staff are being balloted on strike action after voting overwhelmingly to reject below inflation pay offers for 2007-2008 and 2008-2009.

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Council workers to ballot for strike action

16-05-2008 21:01

UNISON members working in local government in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been given the green light for a ballot on industrial action after rejecting the pay offer from employers.

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Communique from police station attack in Athens

16-05-2008 15:27

The following claim for "Symmories Syneidisis" (Gangs of Conscience) though, was sent to together with other newspaper and tv-station mail accounts. Here is a translation:

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Indymedia Ecuador communiques

16-05-2008 15:17

Indymedia Journalists Targeted in Ecuador. English translation of recent communiques:

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Pauline Campbell - lives remembered

16-05-2008 15:08

Audio Pauline Campbell, mother of Sarah Campbell who died in prison in Cheshire

Photographs of Pauline remembering some of the women who died in UK prisons in the last 5 years. The audio from the demonstration to remember Jamie Pearce, aged 24 who died at Holloway on December 10th 2007, includes an interview with Pauline.

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Project 2012 | May31 Workshop & Video Session

15-05-2008 22:13

May 31st, 2-5pm Methodist Central Hall, Conservatory Cafe
Please Bring Something Nice to Share

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South Africa: Gangster landlord's intimidation of Shack Dweller movement

15-05-2008 22:11

The poor of Motala Heights, affiliated to Abahlali baseMjondolo since 2006, are fighting a bitter battle against eviction against a local gangster business man and the local state. There have recently been death threats and threats of arson and the local cops are acting as the gangsters' enforcers.

Abahlali baseMjondolo Press Release
Tuesday, 13 May 2008

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Pauline Campbell 1948-2008

15-05-2008 16:08

It is with great sadness that I report the death of Pauline Campbell whose body was found at the grave of her daughter Sarah this morning. She was an inspiration to all who knew her, both activists and journalists alike. She fought for years for the rights of those whom the government and society would try to forget. She was never afraid to put herself in the firing line and to this effect she was arrested 15 times though the state never succeeded in prosecuting her. To see her courageous action and eloquent speeches it was easy to forget that she fought a daily battle with her grief at losing her only daughter. Something she never really recovered from.

She leaves behind a proud legacy of tireless campaigning and direct action. Rest in peace Pauline. You will be remembered with great pride and affection by all of us who had the honour of knowing you.

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Prisons campaigner Pauline Campbell found dead beside daughter's grave

15-05-2008 15:37

Pauline Campbell
Prisons campaigner Pauline Campbell has died, the advice group
Inquest said today.