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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Wildcat! #3

24-10-2010 13:22

New issue of Liverpool Solidarity Federation's newsletter published.

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President Ahmadinejad galvanizes Lebanon's Palestinians

24-10-2010 08:10

Lebanese people welcome President Ahmadinejad, 13 October 2010
Nearly a week now since Ahmadinejad’s departure, the 12 Palestinian camps and two ‘gatherings’, especially among the young people, are still abuzz with often excited discussions of his visit. What President Ahmadinejad brought to the under-30 generation in the Palestinian camps is more hope, energy, and self-confidence.

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Translation of two leaflets about current struggles in France

23-10-2010 20:05

Translation of two leaflets about current struggles in France from Internationalist Proletarians

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Chavez to Assad: We should speed up the birth of a new world order

23-10-2010 18:42

Chavez and Assad hold a joint press conference in Damascus, 21 October 2010
The alliance between the anti-imperialist countries of Latin America and the Middle East is asserting itself.

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Southampton protests Round-up - Anti-cuts demo & arms traders disrupted at fair

23-10-2010 17:55

Fight War - Not Wars!
This past Wednesday students, residents and activists protested across Southampton over both the presence of Arms companies at a University careers fair and the Coalition government’s imminent cuts with a well attended demo at the Bargate.

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Cambridge Right-to-work demo

23-10-2010 17:03

About 400-500 people marched today through Cambridge to oppose the governement cuts. The usual trade union crowd, socialist groups, as well as students that were particularly vocal. Pictures are attached.

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UG#521 - Walling Us In and The Illusion of Separation

23-10-2010 07:21

This week, we continue our series on separation, we look at wall building by governments to keep people separate. Is this, as we are told, to keep ordinary citizens safe from terrorism or drug smugglers? In light of the mound of evidence about false flag terror and CIA-sponsored drug smuggling, it seems rational to look for another explanation. In our second hour, Wendy Brown asks whether it could it be to keep us separate and, symbolically, divided, to symbolically perpetuate the illusion of state power? Our first hour starts with a short clip from George Draffan speaking on the introduction of passports and state use of technology to control people. It finishes with a condensed speech by Jaggi Singh on migration and the growing No One Is Illegal resistance movement.

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Demi-Lune squat evicted, repression in Montreuil, France

22-10-2010 19:21

Thursday the 14th, great showing of state repression in Montreuil, suburb of Paris, France. Two squat evicted by the police and one by city administration, a high school pupil hit by a flash ball, at least 8 arrestations... Let's take to the streets!

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US bracing for major leak of secret Iraq war files: Hoping you won't look.

22-10-2010 17:04

"Together, the two sets of disclosures would represent a massive breach of U.S. information security and raise questions about the viability of post-9/11 government policies that expanded the distribution of classified information as a means of improving coordination among intelligence and security agencies.
Military officials believe the Iraq documents will emphasize the failings of the Iraqi government and military, including allegations of Iraqi mistreatment of detainees and ineptitude in combat. They also are likely to include some classified U.S. diplomatic cables, officials said." Note the sustained minimization.

"This article suggests that there is no need for you to investigate these doucments. As before they tell us there is nothing of interest in them? How quickly they read them? I think they are hoping many will not bother. So please get ready to head back to Wikileaks and spread widely."

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Sit in at Birmingham universities Vice chancellors office

22-10-2010 15:40

Birmingham students determined to stop the fees hike and over £20 million pounds worth of planed cuts, stage sit-in in vice chancellors office as first step in new campaign.

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Islamist radicalisation at British universities

22-10-2010 13:25

Islamist radicalisation at British universities

A Quilliam Foundation report

Study highlights intimidation of women, Jewish, gay and Muslim students

London , UK – 22 October 2010

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The Migrant Condition

22-10-2010 11:56

When I was recently named chairman of the Committee on Overseas Workers’ Affairs of the House of Representatives of the Philippines, I was approached by members of the press for my views on migrant labor. I remembered a speech I delivered last year at the Global Forum for Migration and Development in Athens, Greece. The thrust of the speech was that migrants’ rights have to be addressed on two fronts: ending the neoliberal policies that are responsible for creating poverty in their home countries, thus forcing them to emigrate, and demanding that they are given full rights in their host countries.

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Details of Anti-Cuts Protests across UK this Saturday

21-10-2010 21:15

A list of anti-cuts demonstrations in towns and cities across the UK this weekend. Please help in distributing this list to other messageboards and mailing lists you have access to.

Also post details of other protests you are aware of below.

From small seeds...

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Militant murdered by (statist) unionists, Argentina

21-10-2010 17:12

Yesterday (20/10) agents of a mainstream union killed a 23-year-old activist of an independent union in Argentina. Social organisations and the non-official union confederation made an urgent call for mobilisations and a general strike in Buenos Aires.

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Northern March Against Racism 2010

21-10-2010 15:14

Northern march poster
20th Novermber 2010
A March from stanhope street in Fenham through to the monumnet Newcastle where there will be a rally

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Anti-spending Cuts

21-10-2010 13:37

Anti-Cuts rally Edinburgh Saturday 23rd October

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Workers' Fightback - French Resistance Movement Shakes Sarkozy

21-10-2010 13:16

We support... rank and file workers' struggles against the chaotic profit system!

We believe... workers know how to run our workplaces far better than business people, the government, or trade union leaders!

We aim for... workers' control over our own jobs and our own lives!

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Gay Russians win in European Court

21-10-2010 12:12

Gay Russians win in European Court

Moscow mayor declared to have acted illegally

Gay Pride parade must be allowed in Moscow, says Court

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Crude Awakening - New Film

21-10-2010 09:41

Just out ...