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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Free Benefit Gigs in Taunton: TAH / Decommissioners / Bristol Antifa

21-03-2010 18:14

Upcoming gig listings for benefits gigs at Roadhouse (formally Pen & Quill) in Taunton, Somerset.

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How to deal with the EDL

21-03-2010 18:10

A UAF meeting in Bristol was recently disrupted by some EDL supporters. While SWP students were happy to simply wail 'nazi scum' in hysterical voices, for some of us, it has opened up some interesting questions about how to deal with the rank and file of the EDL. Below are the orginial post, and some of the responses from Bristol Indymedia - hopefully this can start a debate about the different ways we can deal with the EDL - Discuss!

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Free Benefit Against Homelessness in Taunton - 15th April

21-03-2010 18:01


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Interview with Leonie Meikle of Erondu about the Radford Unity Centre

21-03-2010 11:57

To find out more about what the closure of Radford Unity Centre means to the groups that use it, I got in touch with Erondu, an after school club, that is based there. Leonie Meikle answered my questions.

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Radford community on the march

21-03-2010 11:51

Yesterday, over 100 members of the Radford community braved pouring rain to march from the Radford Unity Complex (RUC) to Nottingham's Market Square. They were protesting the City Council's proposed sell off of the RUC to an unknown buyer, despite the fact that many community groups have been using the building for over 20 years. Speeches were made at Speakers' Corner and then the group congregated outside the Council House. The mood was good natured and energetic but people were angry and defiant.

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Protest the Pope

20-03-2010 21:33

A demonstration against the cover up of sexual abuse by the Catholic Church is being organised for Sunday 28 March in central London.

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Listen to an exclusive interview with Ratibor Trivunac of the Belgrade 6

20-03-2010 13:36

Listen to an exclusive interview with Ratibor Trivunac of the Belgrade 6...

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Destruction of Social Liberation Movements Alive and Well in the UK

20-03-2010 13:34

How activists are targeted for "mental health problems" only to emerge years later, or never.

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Iraqi holocaust, Iraqi genocide and 7th anniversary of invasion of Iraq

20-03-2010 10:40

The following succinct letter is being sent to media world wide on the occasion of the 7th anniversary of the US alliance invasion of Iraq

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International Support For Sacked UBS Cleaner

20-03-2010 00:29

Alberto Durango
Around a hundred protesters came to the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS) in London on Friday evening, to call for the re-instatement of Alberto Durango, sacked in February for his union activities when he approached the contract company Lancaster over their cuts in hours for workers at UBS. London 19/03/2010
Pictures copyright (C) 2010 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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Council failing to deliver affordable housing

19-03-2010 23:10

Manchester City Council is delivering just 13 per cent of affordable housing required in the area, according to homeless charity Shelter’s new ‘Housing League Table’ website.

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Preventing the State’s infiltration of social movements

19-03-2010 21:32

*This article was originally published in El Libertario #58, March-April 2010. Although originally based on the actual experiences of Venezuela’s social struggles, it deals with situations and facts of interest to activists anywhere.

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Take Action – Save The Black Cat Community Social Centre

19-03-2010 13:50

For 5 months the Black Cat Community Centre has been providing a free, inclusive space for community events. It has hosted open mic nights, poetry sessions, yoga and dance classes, debt advice centres, meetings and many more events based upon demand and all free of charge – all have been keenly taken up by the people of Bath. This project is run by full-time volunteers using abandoned buildings otherwise going to waste. The council, in its infinite wisdom, has decided that this kind of blatant altruism and community solidarity must come to an end before the people start expecting the council to provide a decent service, and as such are sending bailiffs in to evict us so that the Riverside Studios may once again stand empty gathering dust.

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Immediate mutual aid needed for our Greek visitors!

18-03-2010 20:01

Our Greek friends from The Void Network ( have had a horrible incident happen in Berkeley California. Their vehicle has been broken into and their livelihood has been taken. This threatens the rest of their tour and the great success of their tour up till now. The tour has been possible up till now by people passing the hat. This has been (barely) enough to cover gas but this situation requires explicit help.

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Nottingham ABC film night at the Sumac

18-03-2010 13:03

In partnership with No Borders, Nottingham Anarchist Black Cross will be having a film night at the Sumac on Thursday the 25th of March. We'll be showing the film "the least of these" about the lives of children in detention centers in the US.

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Letter writing to Prisoners at the Crocus

18-03-2010 12:20

Poster for Nottingham ABC event
On Monday the 5th of April starting at 7pm in the Crocus there will a Nottingham Black Cross meeting followed by a session of writing letters to prisoners to offer solidarity, support and friendship.

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Greece: The implosion of the systemic crisis

18-03-2010 01:13

Political bankruptcy, elections and parliamentary parties; Economic bankruptcy and “green” development; Social crisis and the systemic problem of immigration; The move of PASOK from social-liberalism to social-fascism; The transformation of Greece into a EU protectorate; Is there an alternative solution to EU colonisation?; Immediate measures following the rejection of the present elites’ measures; The prospects for the future of Greece a) The scenario of Latin-Americanisation of Greece, b) The scenario of setting the preconditions for an economic democracy as part of an Inclusive Democracy

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Urgent Appeal - Wrekin Wrecking Coal Hole

17-03-2010 19:02

Campers at UK Coals Huntington Lane SMS are appealing for urgent support to defend the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty