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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Anti-Olympic protests.

15-02-2010 08:09

"The Olympics have a history of leaving host cities in debt, and relocating the poor and homeless away from the sanitized corridors of host cities."

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NATO's Secret Transatlantic Bond: Nuclear Weapons In Europe

15-02-2010 03:07

"Each non-nuclear-weapon State Party to the Treaty undertakes not to receive the transfer from any transferor whatsoever of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices or of control over such weapons or explosive devices directly, or indirectly; not to manufacture or otherwise acquire nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices; and not to seek or receive any assistance in the manufacture of nuclear weapons or other nuclear explosive devices." [13]

The Time piece of December 2, then, points out that the continued presence of U.S. nuclear warheads in Europe is "more than an anachronism or historical oddity. They [the weapons] are a violation of the spirit of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT)...."

"Because 'nuclear burden-sharing,' as the dispersion of B61s in Europe is called, was set up before the NPT came into force, it is technically legal. But as signatories to the NPT, the four European countries and the U.S. have pledged 'not to receive the transfer...of nuclear weapons or control over such weapons directly, or indirectly.' That, of course, is precisely what the long-standing NATO arrangement entails."

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Adrian Radford. A hoax, diversion and paid by Cancer Research UK?

15-02-2010 02:04

The farce that is the "Adrian Radford" story. Adrian Radford claimed that he infiltrated SHAC who he describes as the ALF. He runs a "surveillance instruction" outfit and claims that he was working for MI6 [SIS]. He came out publicly and claimed that he was "responsible" for the info given to police about SHAC [leaving the real moles to carry on]. We think his real employer was Cancer Research UK.

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Cambridge 'Anima' on Fairtrade Fortnight 2010

15-02-2010 01:06

Anima is a newly formed movement, there is no central control and no leaders anyone and everyone can be Anima, as long as they follow the Mission Statement. People can form Anima groups anywhere and everywhere, they can be closed (groups of friends, etc) or open (anyone can join) or a mixture of both – whatever works for you.

Cambridge Anima is the first part of this new movement. We aim to do stuff in the Cambridge area - look out for us!

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UKCMRI Camden Animal Lab project. Will it replace Huntingdon Life Sciences?

14-02-2010 23:52

There are plans to build a high level [3] virus containment facility & animal testing lab in Camden. The lab has been described as "becoming the world's largest ever animal testing lab" & will be partially govt funded by 40 -50%. Currently Huntingdon Life Sciences near Cambridge is the third largest such European lab & the two labs could be in direct "competition" with each other say campaigners.

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Pat O'Donnell - "Hero and Friend" not "Bully and Thug"

14-02-2010 15:41

The Chief November 2009...denied a voice at the North West Development Forum
Disgust at the travesty of justice that sent Pat "The Chief" O'Donnell to prison was expressed at the first UK Shell to Sea gathering.

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UAF have Margaret Hodge speak at their conference

14-02-2010 14:18

they really don't get it do they??! fascism and reaction is created by the state and right wing NuLabour scum like Margaret Hodge. Inviting her, with her tract record of anti-working class politics, to speak show totally ignorance of this process and should be condemned by all anti-fascists and anti-capitalists

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UKCMRI ignore letters from residents & councillors about Camden germ lab

14-02-2010 00:21

Residents from Camden and Kings Cross have had letters & emails utterly ignored by the UKCMRI. Worryingly they have said that "those who signed up" at last weeks poorly advertised meeing would get the chance to oppose planning permision on reciept of a letter from UKCMRI. The UKCMRI have so far ignored all communication from residents. None of our questions have been answered.

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Law suit against 4 US presidents and 4 UK prime ministers for war crimes

13-02-2010 16:08

Iraq's current and planned potential ballistic missiles
On 6 October 2009, working with and on behalf of Iraqi plaintiffs, we filed a case before Spanish law against four US presidents and four UK prime ministers for war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide in Iraq.

The case presented spanned 19 years, including not only the wholesale destruction of Iraq witnessed from 2003, but also the sanctions period during which 1.5 million excess Iraqi deaths were recorded.

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Activist Sentenced to Two Years for A.L.F. Mink Liberation

13-02-2010 02:31

Calling him a “terrorist” and following through on his threat to more than quadruple the recommended sentence, judge Dee Benson Thursday sentenced William Viehl to two years in federal prison. It is the first sentence handed down under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act.

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Justice For Cleaners - Reinstate Alberto Durango

12-02-2010 22:01

Police tell demonstrators they must move
Around a hundred people took part in a noisy demonstration outside the offices of UBS Capital in Liverpool St, London at Friday lunchtime (12 Feb 2010) in support of the office cleaners and their sacked shop steward, Alberto Durango. Pictures Copyright (C) 2010 Peter Marshall, all rights reserved

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One cannot rule the World without keeping one's own nation under control

12-02-2010 17:40

One can't rule the world without keeping one's own nation under control, and this is an essential prerequisite for empire maintenance abroad.

Obama and Sarah Palin BOTH exalt the same military leadership that gives them both the OKay. They are two loyal representatives of wealthy and influential investors in war industry and the industry's laterally connected high military officials. Yet media conglomerates intend for the public to see them as two political stars in confrontation. They both go along with and play out this hoax, which cleaves the national constituency conveniently in two making it easier to manage.

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The Bolivarian Revolution and the Caribbean

12-02-2010 16:58

"But we do not know what to do with the civilization attained. Human beings have equipped themselves with nuclear weapons of unbelievable accuracy and annihilation potency while, from the moral and political point of view, they have ignominiously retrogressed. Politically and socially, we are more underdeveloped than ever. Automatons are replacing soldiers; the mass media, educators, and governments are beginning to be overtaken by events without knowing what to do. In the desperation of many international political leaders one can appreciate an impotency in the face of the problems that are accumulating in their offices and steadily more frequent international meetings.

In those circumstances, an unprecedented disaster is taking place in Haiti, while on the other side of the planet, three wars and an arms race are continuing their development, in the midst of the economic crisis and growing conflicts, which is consuming more than 2.5% of the global GDP, a figure with which all the Third World countries could be developed in a short period of time and possibly evade climate change by devoting the economic and scientific resources that are essential to that objective."

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The §278a Case Against Austrian Animal Rights Activists Enters the Next Round

12-02-2010 16:50

February 1, 2010: barely four weeks before the opening trial date in the §278a case, three more activists were charged with the same paragraph (278a) and are expected to stand with the rest of the defendants. The 13 defendants are accused of having formed a Criminal Organisation trying to force companies to get out of the fur trade. Ten of the defendants were previously held in pre-trial detention after a country-wide raid in Austria on May 21, 2008. The legal defence costs could reach over €500,000.

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South Africans rise up against ANC

12-02-2010 16:22

ANGRY South Africans rioted this week in protest at the conditions in which they are forced to live.

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Sanctuary for Mireille Mbimbo (Very urgent support needed)

12-02-2010 15:26

Mireille Mbimbo a national of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) and a resident of Bradford, is currently being held at Penine House Manchester STHC and due to be forcibly removed from the UK on Monday 15th February @ 19.00 on Kenya Airways flight KQ101, from Manchester to Nairobi for onward transit on flight KQ550 to Kinshasa.

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Class Evening

12-02-2010 13:57

The monthly film and discussion night for all workers

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Women In Yarl’s Wood Vow To Stay On Hunger Strike

12-02-2010 10:25

We have spoken to over 50 women in the last few days and they all have a compelling case to be released: their continued detention is either inhumane or contravenes Home Office rules. Some have been referred to lawyers because their detention is illegal. [1]

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Descent Into Barbarism: The US and NATO Wage War on the World

11-02-2010 21:36

"The profit system has hit an historic dead-end and this gridlock is a result of deep trends to do with the decline in capitalism as a mode of social production (falling wages and profits and the concomitant explosion in financial speculation and debts).
Widespread poverty and human misery is now seen on a massive scale in the so-called developed world. Some 40 million Americans, for example, are subsisting on food stamps. The distinction between “developed” and “developing” economies (always a myth anyway) is blurred. The ranks of the world’s long-suffering poor are swelled with dispossessed blue and white-collar workers and their families from across the US and Europe. Together more than ever, they stand shut out from those gated havens of obscene wealth for a global minority."

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FREE Benefit Gig for Last Hours in Taunton - 4th March

11-02-2010 20:53