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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Support needed: Ivorian arrested for investigating Cocoa & Coffee industry

14-07-2010 23:39

Théophile Kouamouo
Please sign petition, offer support for journalist

Côte d'Ivoire: 3 Journalists Including Théophile Kouamouo Arrested for Posting Classified Government Documents on Corruption Coffee and Cocoa Industries

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Saving Iceland Mobilisation Call-Out 2010!

14-07-2010 23:01

Ghosts of Electricity
Join our resistance against the industrialization of Europe’s last remaining great wilderness and take direct action against heavy industry!

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G20 Plan for Prosperity: Rubber Bullets and Shredded Social Safety Net

14-07-2010 18:28

targeted freedom of speech and assembly, putting the world’s poor and working people on notice.

The Toronto G-20 summit sent a message to poor and working people in Europe and North America. “You will pay for the global financial crisis through cuts to your social safety nets. There will be no taxing of those who actually caused the crisis and made fortunes in the various bubbles over the last decades.”

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EDL Gas themselves

14-07-2010 15:13

The EDL are a racist, Islamophobic organisation linked to the BNP, NF, Combat 18, Blood and Honour etc. At one of their protests they gassed themselves when they were going to throw agas canister at the UAF...pulled out the pin and then ...well...looked at it for awhile and then it went off. C**ts!

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EDL Fascists Hijack GMTV Burkha Ban Poll

14-07-2010 14:50

The insiduously racist EDL have successfully used social networking site to hoodwink GMTV, distorting public opinion to make it appear that almost everybody in the United Kingdom wants a racist version of fashion police to patrol the streets harrassing the devout minority of Muslim who wear the religious facial garment.

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14-07-2010 10:07

Norwin is a boy. He has been locked up in a solitary cell for years. He has never even been convicted of any crime.

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Salinder Bhatoa of the English Defence League

13-07-2010 21:29

The English Defence League are an Islamophobic organisation with links to hardline racists including Combat 18, Blood and Honour, BNP and National Front. They also have links to Islamophobes from Stop Islamification of Europe [Zionists] and the Hindu Defence League [Islamophobes] and Sikhs Against Sharia.

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English Defence League London Division organiser Sam Harman exposed.

13-07-2010 16:58

The English Defence League [EDL] are racist, Islamophobic football hooligans. Sam Harman has organised demonstrations and coaches for the London Division of EDL. He has been an admin on the London EDL facebook. Sam writes regularly on the EDL London facebook page, on the EDL troll page Cheerleadered and has accused the Muslim Defence Force of being violent while he himself is associated with hooligans such as Joel Titus.

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Book Review: Sleight of Hand on the World Stage

13-07-2010 14:28

Galichian has made a significant contribution to our understanding of the continuing attacks on the history and legacy of the Armenian people.

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Ugandan Attack May Herald Spread of Somalia’s Instability. Another false flag?

13-07-2010 03:02

"Wake up already, It’s 1984. Orwell was the most insightful political thinker the world has ever produced. Read and share his genius and stop allowing the ruling class and it’s psyoops departments to get away with such stupid see-through actions without getting called down to the matts!!!!! Am I the only one who sees this elephant in the living room?"

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Seeking a Safe Place to Live in 2010 United Nations Refugee Day

12-07-2010 18:49

TAMPA BAY, FLORIDA - Every year 19 million youth flee their own country, seeking somewhere else that’s safe to live. Over 70% of them never make it. But that doesn’t stop them from trying. This is the message Youth for Human Rights International portrays in their PSA to help others understand Human Right # 14, “The Right to Seek a Safe Place to Live”, for creating awareness on United Nations Refugee Day, and every other day.

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Gaza to Venezuela - Reports from the frontline.

12-07-2010 17:54

Come and hear activists recently returned from the Gaza Flotilla and Latin America.

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Brook House IRC - Fundamentally Unsafe - G4S condemned again

12-07-2010 05:26

[ G4s Not Fit for Purpose: This is the second report in seven days by Anne Owers HM Chief Inspector of Prisons (HMCIP) severely critical of G4S managed establishments. Report on an announced inspection of HMP Wolds (disappointing decline) was published on Tuesday 6th July, copy available here . . . . HMCIP previous reports of G4s managed IRCS, Tinsley House report July 2009 severely critical, Oakington report June 2008, severely critical. Inspectors have made 190 recommendations for Brook House, all following text , extracted from inspectorate report/press release. ]

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Philippines: Comrade Torturer

12-07-2010 04:36

The Communist Party of the Philippines killed hundreds of its own cadres in a wave of paranoia that swept the rebel movement in the 1980s.

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No Free Press for BP Oil Disaster

11-07-2010 16:39

"Last week's new media restrictions imposed by the Coast Guard subject journalists and photographers to as much as a 40,000-dollar fine, and from one to five years in jail as a class-D felon if they violate the 20-metre rule, that Unified Command calls a "safety zone."

"There have also been restrictions placed on the airspace above areas where clean-up and containment operations are occurring. The Federal Aviation Administration has placed restrictions prohibiting media flights below 900 metres over oil-affected areas."

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Anti-execution and anti-stoning protest outside Iran embassy London

11-07-2010 09:34

Stop stoning
Protesters against barbaric islamic law gathered outside the Islamic regime's embassy in London on Friday between 5-8pm. The protest was in support of Sakineh Ashtiani who had been sentenced to stoning for the alleged 'crime' of adultery.

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UG#507 - Breaking Rankism & Violent Male Stereotypes

11-07-2010 08:40

This week's show features Jackson Katz' exploration of how Western culture legitimates male violence and domination in institutional power structures. It concludes with an interview with Robert Fuller, who coined the word rankism to talk about abuse of power by those in hierarchies to undermine those beneath them.

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Cambridge Uni Day of Action Against Animal Tests!

10-07-2010 17:29

Downing Site
Campaingners continue to target Cambridge Uni over animal tests!

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Time could running out for the imperial mission in Afghanistan?

10-07-2010 16:13

"Six U.S. service members were among nine people killed in Afghanistan on Saturday, the latest casualties in a bloody summer for coalition soldiers."

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A story of ordinary repression: earthquaked and beaten up

09-07-2010 21:26

Let's rebuild L'Aquila and its region
Berlusconi’s regime deals with Abruzzo’s earthquaked inhabitants in the only way it knows: by spinning the story to avoid the blame. Now the inhabitants are protesting, they have become the new “monsters” of the media, no better than the anti-globalists who obviously have to be beaten up and repressed at every opportunity.