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EDL Gas themselves

anon | 14.07.2010 15:13 | Anti-racism | Repression | Social Struggles | South Coast | World

The EDL are a racist, Islamophobic organisation linked to the BNP, NF, Combat 18, Blood and Honour etc. At one of their protests they gassed themselves when they were going to throw agas canister at the UAF...pulled out the pin and then ...well...looked at it for awhile and then it went off. C**ts!


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  1. What racist group has black and asian members? — Not racist or fascist
  2. Again. — Hennesy
  3. The video you have requested is not available. — Passer By
  4. Dubiousity — Not Fascist or Rascist.
  5. bollox — complete cunt
  6. The EDL's Non-White Headquarters — Joe Fro