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Weekly Vigil to Save the Jarawa - Reminder

30-10-2006 15:12

Photo of Jarawa tibe
Survival International are holding a weekly vigil at India House in solidarity with the Jarawa tibe

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Filming his own death

30-10-2006 14:45

It always hits me that first a 'white' woman or man like now Brad Will has to be killed in a local struggle anywhere on earth, and preferably a journalist or similar, before the mainstream propaganda media move. Even if they mostly distort reality: 'Fix the facts around the policy' - as they say.

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Disabled People in North Korea

30-10-2006 14:31

Dear All,

Please see below for Press Release which is extremely disturbing. There must be something that the international disability, indymedia and others communites can do about these horrific human rights abuses in North Korea which goes beyond the atrocities what Hitler and the Nazi's caused to over 200,000 disabled people who were the first victims within the Holocaust!!!!!

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30-10-2006 13:29


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For an end to blackmail, for democratic conditions in the Basque Country

30-10-2006 12:32

Basque political prisoner Iñaki de Juana’s hunger strike has been in the media in recent weeks. After 63 days on hunger strike demanding justice and attending the numerous requests he received and the mobilisation of Basque society, De Juana ended his protest. He began his hunger strike due to the attempt by the Spanish State Prosecution to get him sentenced to 96 years in jail for writing two press articles

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petition & demos against visit of Iran's Khatami (Weds etc)

30-10-2006 11:28

Former Iranian President Khatami is due to visit the UK this week (London and Edinburgh). Demos are planned and a petition has been set up against this visit.

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Meat Sheik, Anglican paedophilia, and non-regulation Jewish foreskin

30-10-2006 03:33

This past week in Australia has been ‘fundamentally’ outstanding; dimwitted fundamentalist religionists vied with each other for top billing in the local media. Never has the nation seen such retarded behaviour from so many diverse religious groups. The prize for fundamentalist imbecile of the week however goes to the Muslim cleric Sheik al-Hilali for his retrogressive reference to women as “uncovered meat”. He unashamedly placed the responsibility for rape and other sexually violent acts onto women; men were exonerated on the basis that “uncovered meat” is sexually provocative! The local media now refers to the cleric as the “Meat Sheik” and continues to sensationalise aspects of the story.

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Federal police reported at Oaxaca radio station

29-10-2006 20:08

In the last few minutes the IMC live feed claimed the Mexcian federal police (PFP) were advancing on the occupied university radio station and were already in the building.

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Lawyer is Dying in Turkey

29-10-2006 19:36

Behic Asci who has been a lawyer for long time is on Death Fast (another form of Hunger Strike lasts until death) as he cannot defend his cleints under isolation.
Please read the rest of the text or the attachment.
Your help is needed to keep him alive.

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This years remembrance parade for those who have been murdered by the state.

29-10-2006 10:02

It was bigger than last year. Hardly surprising when you consider how many more mothers, fathers, sons, daughters and Grandparents have been bereaved since then.

This is always an emotionally draining event to cover.

Like last year the dignity of the families was breathtaking.

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Mexico: Killing a journalist can't kill the resistance

29-10-2006 06:58

Mexico's repression and the people's uprising: "In this social context, several independent international and national media were present in Oaxaca spreading the stories of the Oaxacan people's struggle. Will Bradley Roland, correspondent of New York City Indymedia, also arrived to the city of Oaxaca." - And was shot.

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video of brad - indymedia volunteer shot dead

29-10-2006 06:51

dont complain organise.

they killed one of us

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Mexican Embassy Protest.? The murder of Brad Will by the Mexican State, discuss

29-10-2006 01:17

Is there a possibility for a co-ordinated protest at the Mexican Embassy, Sunday 29th October?

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Philippines: AKBAYAN holds successful 3rd Congress

28-10-2006 23:49

Akbayan Citizens Action Party
Amidst escalating repression and political crisis, the Akbayan Citizens Action Party recently held its Third Regular Congress last October 14 and 15, 2006, at the Riverbend Hotel in Marikina City. With the theme "Ipaglaban ang Dangal ng Pilipino, Ipaglaban ang Kinabukasan Ngayon" (Claim the Future Now), Akbayan marked its more than eight years existence as an alternative national political party in the Philippines.

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Photos: "Protest Against Custody Deaths"

28-10-2006 23:18

"Protest Against Custody Deaths" Credit: Marc Vallée -
Photos: "Protest Against Custody Deaths" (28.10.06)

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Jose Fernandez Delgado refuses prison food in protest at conditions (Aachen 4)

28-10-2006 20:16

This imprisoned Spanish anarchist in a German prison appeals for solidarity and support, please take time to contribute to an improvement in his conditions. Widen the struggle for not only his release but for the overall attack and destruction of the capitalist system itself.

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28-10-2006 20:10

Protesters assemble, mask up...
Sorry for the late posting but this was a story that had to go up!

On Wednesday a group of masked-up white-overalled political agitators assembled by Parliament. It is unclear as to whether or not this gathering arranged with the Police as none were present to clarify the situation. After various banner waving antics (that were possibly illegal) the participants (who may have been gathered illegally) marched (definitely illegal!!!) down towards Victoria Street before occupying Methodist Central Hall for some kind of rally. Both the gathering, march and rally were organised under the noses of the Police without any intervention! Yet again the SOCPA legislation lies in tatters! Another blatant violation by political hooligans, which should have every reader of the Daily Mail Shaking with fear!

And this is not the first time!


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No justice, no peace - Photos from deaths in custody demo, london (Oct28)

28-10-2006 18:44

Not really a subject I felt like covering today after waking up to the news that an Indymedia videographer had been shot dead by plain clothes coppers in Mexico last night....

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'Coup' Rumours Surround Baghdad

28-10-2006 18:17

Baghdad is rife with the strangest rumours again chiefly as a result of the latest deployment of American troops around major Shi’ite districts in Baghdad, signaling a movement against Shi’ite militias, writes Zeyad of Healing Iraq.

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John Callcutt CBE CEO English Partnerhips How Do You Sleep At Night?

28-10-2006 18:08

Family Campaign for Social Justice Re Crest Nicholson Plc
Presently the CEO of English Partnerships, (the 'National Regeneration Agency') Mr. John Callcutt CBE is today under 'open' enquiry from Marie Louise and Vincent Shalom from Wales, UK. A married couple with five children, Mr. Callcutt saw to it that they were evicted from their own home after his previous actions of direct negligence, whilst he served as CEO of Crest Nicholson Plc. Letter Follows:-