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Federal police reported at Oaxaca radio station

Oscar Beard | 29.10.2006 20:08 | Repression | Social Struggles | Zapatista | London | World

In the last few minutes the IMC live feed claimed the Mexcian federal police (PFP) were advancing on the occupied university radio station and were already in the building.

The live text feed from IMC in Oaxaca is still going with volunteers still keeping regular updates.

The massive escalation of state oppression has dramatically increased over the last 24-hours, with what seems to be a slow advancing full-on assault now taking place.

Reports in the last few minutes state police are surrounded by thousands of protestors in several areas of the city. Helicopters, Amoured Personel Carriers and military tanks have been advancing into the city centre all day. Latest reports say tear gas and water cannons are being used and the people of Oaxaca are laying down in front of the tanks to halt them.

Demonstrations are appeareing right across the world, in Mexico City, Guatemala, France and Spain.

As I write this the PFP have advanced, are now firing water cannons and IMC reporters confirmed shots are being fired.

Police are moving in form every sector of the cith, some supported by small tanks.

This is a call out to all who wnat to show solidarity with the people of Oaxaca, protest the Mexican embassy in London, now, tomorrow, the next day and every day, until this oppression and murder stops.

Oscar Beard
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