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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Pro Life loonies defeated both inside and outside of Parliament.

23-05-2008 14:05

Up to 1,000 on the Pro Choice demo.
On Tuesday an attempt to highjack the embryology bill going through Parliament was soundly defeated. Britain’s small but determined Pro Life movement had attached a number of amendments to the bill which included reducing the maximum time allowed for an abortion by half and also denying lesbian couples the right to IVF treatment. In the end every amendment was defeated and the pro lifers also had to suffer the humiliation of having their demo placed next to the pro choice contingent who outnumbered them by about 10-1.

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Scientology cult fails in attempt to ban word "cult" at anti-cult picket

23-05-2008 12:06

Aim gun at foot. Pull trigger. Repeat until out of feet.

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London hosts Dalai Lama- China handshake

23-05-2008 11:48

Smiling Avaaz members pass the Dalai Lama's handshake toward the Chinese Embassy
Yesterday London hosted an incredible event in the form of a 'human chain handshake' from the hand of the Dalai Lama himself, via 2,000 people in a human chain, all the way to the Chinese embassy in Mayfair.
It was an attempt to create some sort of dialogue between the two parties, and went off smoothly.

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Making Governance Gender Responsive.

23-05-2008 09:36

Center for Asia-Pacific Women in Politics- Conference 2008.

A Conference will occur in October 2008 under the aegis of the CAPWIP and the
United Nations International Strategy for Disaster Risk Reduction in October 2008.

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Who is really progressive in Northern Ireland?

22-05-2008 18:55

On a recent trip to Belfast/Northern Ireland I wanted to find out who is really to be accepted as being a progressive force up there. The Left has generally supported those pro-catholics, who are working for a united Ireland as a part of a national liberation struggle from London rule. I decided to interview representatives of progressive parties on either side on the issues that socialists should really care about -- social issues -- to see how different they really are in their day-to-day politics in these current times of peace.

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Local journalists strike in York

22-05-2008 18:02

Local newspaper journalists go on 5 day strike in York over below-inflation pay rises.

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Council workers to vote on action

22-05-2008 17:58

UNISON members in local government in England, Wales and Northern Ireland will vote on strike action to begin in July, while teachers discuss co-ordinated action.

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Bite Back #13 - Out Now!

22-05-2008 15:43

News from the frontlines of the animal liberation movement
Bite Back is a 36 page magazine, full of direct action reports, prisoner news, stories and photos.

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ALF Foie gras actions (2007 - 2008)

22-05-2008 13:15

There are places that will not listen to reason, continue to support an industry illegal in the UK, and cause massive suffering to geese and ducks, and for a 'delicacy'.

It is clear that there are places that have no limits to what they will place on the menu.
They will not listen to protesters and campaigners, now they are having to deal with the Animal Liberation Front, as they are realising to their increasing cost.

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CUBA proves links of U.S. Diplomats with Terrorists

21-05-2008 17:34

Cuba denounced on Monday the scandalous links between US diplomats based in Havana and terrorists resident in the United States, by means of which Cuban counterrevolutionaries receive financial and material support.

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Bowl Court social centre under threat

21-05-2008 17:15

... more photos on the squat's back yard fence ...
the new social centre in shoreditch was served papers today for a court hearing on the 4th june. the owners hammerson have no immediate interest in the building which they have yet to secure planning consent to demolish for their huge redevelopement plans for the area. the developments are the biggest in london since the creation of dockland and canary warf.

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ID roadshow in Nottingham

21-05-2008 12:02

The idea of an ID roadshow is, believe it or not, not a jest.

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Burma Cyclone Global Day of Actiion London Report

20-05-2008 20:05

French Embassy
Over 100 campaigners, mostly Burmese took part in a protest at the French and US Embassies and the British Foreign Office in London, for the May 17th Global Day of Action for Burma Cyclone Victims. More than 30 events took place worldwide, including in UK, USA, France, Spain, Hong Kong, Thailand, Chile, Australia, Canada, Belgium and Czech Republic. The official death toll has exceeded 140,000 with aid agencies saying 2.5 million people are at further risk.

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What a c**t, eh?

20-05-2008 18:49

The Church of Scientology, religiously aggravated crime, the City of London police force and a kid with a placard

First published at:

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Students Released After 7 Days Incarceration Without Charge

20-05-2008 17:13

The two students arrested under the Terrorism Act have been released without charge. The manner of the police operation and its choice of victims has raised great concern amongst the student and academic body, as well as within the wider community in Nottingham

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New Name, New Website, Old Threat

20-05-2008 15:55

London's latest social centre has finally given itself a name, set up its own website and received a visit from the owners saying "get out!"

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East London Against Gentrification: Two Events this week

20-05-2008 11:51

Both Wednesday the 21st and Saturday the 24th will see two events held in East london hosting international activists from the Vancouver Anti Poverty Committee, (Canada) and the Movement for Justice in El Barrio (Harlem, NYC) both fighting gentrifcation and displacement. See details below.

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Captain Iraq versus George W. Bush (by Latuff)

20-05-2008 01:54

Captain Iraq vs George W. Bush
Copyleft artwork by Brazilian cartoonist Latuff.

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Unite hunger striker Gordon McNeill in bad shape

19-05-2008 22:25

Gordon McNeill is now on the fourth day of a hunger and thirst strike outside Transport House in Belfast.

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BURMA: What are we waiting for?

19-05-2008 18:10

After cyclone Nargis hit Burma, thousands of Burmese are waiting for help amongst the dead. What is the international community doing about it?