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UK Social Struggles Newswire Archive

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Spanish Prison Resistance talk, London, this wednesday

08-10-2005 22:45

Spanish prison resistor Laudelino Iglesias Martinez will be talking about his 20 years in prison and the resistance to the F.I.E.S isolation units.

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Dsei Latest (better late than never) Photos

08-10-2005 16:32

Some photos from DSEI.

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Protesting against Incapacity Benefit cuts

08-10-2005 15:53

The Future of Benefits - poster
Some leafleting was done in front on the Town Hall in Sheffield today to raise awareness of the Governments plans to cut Incapacity Benefit which could effect 800,000 people.

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The struggle against Shell in Ireland

07-10-2005 22:00

Rossport Solidarity Camp speaking tour.
Nottingham Venue at 7 pm on 10th November
International Community Centre 61b Mansfield Rd

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Wednesday 12th October: Venezuelan "Day of Indigenous Resistance"

07-10-2005 21:01

We have two Hands Off Venezuela-related events this Wednesday 12th October:

From 4pm to 6pm there is a picket of the Colombian embassy in solidarity with terrorised workers on general strike. 3 Hans Crescent (behind Harrods) SW1, nearest tube Knightsbridge.

Then from 7pm, a booksigning of "Hugo Chávez and the Bolivarian Revolution" by Richard Gott plus photo exhibition of the Alberdi School in Caracas by Jason Harris, followed by Venezuelan food & music. NUJ headquarters, 308 Gray's Inn Rd WC1, nearest tube King's Cross.

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Foxs stop houses being build on floodplain by Nottinghams richest man

07-10-2005 19:01


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Launch of Jean Charles de Menezes Family Campaign

07-10-2005 18:22

The family and friends of Jean Charles de Menezes will be officially launching their campaign for justice at a public meeting on Monday 10th October, please see details below.

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Sumac Centre - October Dates Confirmed

07-10-2005 15:29

Download pdf of Sumac flyer for October here.
Print off and distribute!

Events include:
Colombian Activists Presentation - Mon 24th Oct
Medical Aid for Cuba Benefit - Sat 22th Oct
G8/No I.D. Benefit - Fri 28th Oct
Saving Iceland Gathering - 28th-30th Oct
Workshops, Gatherings and Meetings! ...

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Nestle Partners Blend accredited by Fairtrade Foundation

07-10-2005 11:18

Nestle, the UK's most boycotted company, has been awarded a Fairtrade mark for its new Partners Blend coffee. Nestle is the target of a boycott over its aggressive marketing of baby foods and there are many other concerns about its business practices, not least how it treats suppliers.

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07-10-2005 01:35


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Revised proposal for terror law

06-10-2005 23:35

'Glorifying' terror plan revised - a victory for civil rights or part of the plan

A proposed new law which would have criminalised the "glorifying" of so-called terrorist activities has been revised following criticism. The revised proposal apparently means that somebody would have to "intend to incite" future terrorist acts in order to be convicted.

The mainstream media spin is that this change represents a 'Climb-down' by the Home Secretary Charles Clarke. However, I see things a little different. This is all 'double speak', just part of a well rehersed game we have seen over and over again to hoodwink us.

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Colombian Vice President Santos

06-10-2005 22:04

Contact the Vice-President of Colombia if you can before the 12th October....

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4th National Miscarriage of Justice Day Public Meeting

06-10-2005 20:19

The 4th National Miscarriage of Justice Day Public meeting and day of workshops and action will take place this year in Manchester on 15 October.

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Israel Court Bans Use of 'Human Shields'

06-10-2005 09:54

JERUSALEM - Israel's Supreme Court on Thursday banned the military's practice of using Palestinian civilians as "human shields" in arrest raids, saying it violates international law.

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"Tunisians Conduct Online Protest"

06-10-2005 01:24

Right now there's an extraordinary online protest coming out of Tunisia. The website,, is a collection of photos of Tunisians holding up signs in various languages, each with a message directed to Tunisian President Ben Ali.

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Insidious Police Recruitment

05-10-2005 21:41

stockwell police recruitment
In the exact spot where police under Ian Blair shot dead Jean Charles de Menezes, there is now an advert recruiting for people to join the London Metropolitan police force...

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One man's fears are another mans dreams.

05-10-2005 20:20

This article is my attempt to connect with other readers who may share or not my feelings about the current state of affairs in this country and abroad. I am not a political genius, nor am I a published writer, just an average bloke on the street who thinks the world situation requires a response slightly more intensive than a change in the conservative leadership.

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Greece: Anarchists Attack the Headquarters of the Greek Riot Police (Video)

05-10-2005 18:13

Video – Anarchists Attack the Headquarters of the Greek Riot Police and the Police Special Forces - Found at

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OutRage!-report on the demo-Iran Embassy

05-10-2005 15:29

Report and pics of the demo outside the Iranian Embassy: 4 October against Iran's attacks on gay people (and others).

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Greece: Anarchists Attack the Headquarters of the Greek Riot Police (Video)

05-10-2005 10:14

Video – Anarchists Attack the Headquarters of the Greek Riot Police and the Police Special Forces - Found at