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One man's fears are another mans dreams.

Simon Moore | 05.10.2005 20:20 | Anti-militarism | Anti-racism | Social Struggles

This article is my attempt to connect with other readers who may share or not my feelings about the current state of affairs in this country and abroad. I am not a political genius, nor am I a published writer, just an average bloke on the street who thinks the world situation requires a response slightly more intensive than a change in the conservative leadership.

I am very worried about the state of global relations right now. I think we (UK) are approaching a critical point of no-return. What worries me most is the apparent lack of ability that the average man in the street has to do anything about the wars that are spreading all around us.
We are so maluable right now, we can be bent into corruption by a governement that has so much control over us simply because they control the speaker which allows our voices to be heard.
The media does not reflect the true underlying worries of the British public. Instead it deflects our fears with crappy meaningless tripe designed to distract us from the real problems.
I would have no worries if I knew that there was a way for the people of Britain to come together and take control, however it seems that this state has contruscted a fortress around itself which divided everybody from the essence of community.
I think this government hates community. It would rather that we would all isolate ourselves from one another (perhaps only on political level).
They are scared of our potential power to change things, simply because in doing so their wrong doings would be so blatantly exposed.
Where are the philisophers, the wise clever people that walk among us. I think they are here but they are gagged and choked up with the media crap that I refferred to earlier. It is so easy to shun wisdom with crass bullshit news of the world style heckilng which appeals I feel to the most base of human nature.
I must confess that I am not pure. I am a man who has fallen down many a time on my own temptations. But should this be the reason for me to stop myself rising up? The ones who want you to stay down would probably enthusiatically agree-dont bother leave it be- you know you like our consumer society. Enjoy it dont fuck with it.
Well I think that now the culminations of our the majority of individuals desires to be rich, to be famous to have it all has become the backbone of our governments ability to snake out of its obvious shitty position.
Please anybody, give me an idea of how we can change this situation. I would suggest myself that all teens with the qualites of the desire to change the world, coupled with the beautiful ability to act should head for politics. YES THATS RIGHT POLITICS!
Lets flood this parliament with dissenting voices of reason and thereby create the contrast to show this governement up for what it really is- nothing but money worshipping.
In the meanwhile if anyone has any non-violent suggestions, I would loove to hear them. No better time than now to act.

I hope some of this made sense.

From a human

Simon Moore
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